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This trivia quiz has been designed to cover all the topics and questions related to different World Cultures, Geography, History, Entertainment, sports etc. of different countries. Here is the chance for you to have a...

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    What colour(s) is/are on Indonesia's national flag?

Warm-up Qs from beginning of school to 10/2/13.

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    08-30-13 Warm-Up   Convert 1.075 L into mL using dimensional analysis. 

Warm-Up for Monday 1/24. Please write down the questions and your answers as usual. Make sure to self-correct and read the explanation!                  

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    Which of the following is true about enzymes?

Daily Warm Up 

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    Date: 2/22 The faster the particles in an object move, the cooler that object is. 

Warm Up dates 3/19- 3/30

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    March 19 Electromagnetic waves consist of changing elecrical and magnetic fields.

Warmup Questions & Answers

What popular WAN technology is replacing the need for VPN's?
MPLSMPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is correct. This service is commonly offered by Service Providers to allow different types of traffic (voice,data,video) to be managed/prioritized by the service providers routers rather than the customers.
Write a headline for this story: 1 line, 30 count. Use the counting system on blackboard. Detroit— A 36th District Court judge on Friday agreed to again adjourn a preliminary examination of...
Murder-torture case still on holdthe key to this headline was to express the longer to again adjourn with still on hold. it is a bit shorter, for one thing, but with to again adjourn you need a direct object - to again adjourn case, or to again adj
Write a headline for this story: 1 line, 28 count, Use the counting system on Blackboard. As many as 30,000 Syrians may have fled across the border to neighboring Lebanon in the past 48 hours,...
Thousands flee turmoil in syriaanother great headline: it works because the headline writer has made a special effort to distill lengthy wording into single wordsthousands - this stands in for as many as 30,000flee - this stands in for may have fled.
Write a headline for this story: 2 lines 22 count, Use the counting system on Blackboard. Only a few Tube stops away from the glittering new Olympic Park, a cluster of British swimmers took to a...
As olympics near, britainwaging battle of the bulgethe key to making this headline work is the brief introductory phrase, as olympics near, at the front of the sentence.the phrase sets britains fight against obesity against the background of the olym