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Support Questions and Answers

  • The support tab is an add-on that needs to be purchased in order for it to be visible to users.
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  • Tickets of “high” priority have to be answered first
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  • I had to buy a modem for a client when doing their internet installation. There is an area on support tickets that allows for adding items so I don't forget about it.
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  • The process to follow when receiving a call for AV support is to...

  • The process to follow when receiving a call for AV support from a VIP is to...

  • It is always necessary to page out for AV support requests from VIPs.

  • The Therapeutic Recreation Office helps provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities in our camps through
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  • What document can you utilize when you suspect a child may have a disability or may benefit from additional support. 
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  • What should you do if you get questions from prospective parents that have a camper with a disability?
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  • Which region are you from?

  • For Security and Privacy reasons we are responsible to shred all ________________documents.

  • Which of the following is not considered Protected A and B information?

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