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  • What amoebocyte cells form gametes?
    What amoebocyte cells form gametes?

  • Sponges _____ move.
    Sponges _____ move.

  • A 31-year-old woman experiences abdominal pain and sees her physician 1 week later after noticing blood in her urine. She has had three episodes of urinary tract infection during the past year....
    A 31-year-old woman experiences abdominal pain and sees her physician 1 week later after noticing blood in her urine. She has had three episodes of urinary tract infection during the past year....
    Medullary sponge kidney-(c) the congenital disorder known as medullary sponge kidney (msk) is present to some degree in 1% of adults. in msk, cystic dilation of 1 to 5 mm is present in the inner medullary and papillary collecting ducts. msk is bilateral in 70% of cases. not all papillae are equally affected, although calculi are often present in dilated collecting ducts. patients usually develop kidney stones, infection, or recurrent hematuria in the third or fourth decade. more than 50% of patients have stones. autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease produces much larger cysts that involve the entire kidney, eventually leading to massive renomegaly. uric acid crystals are present in gout and may be deposited in the medulla, but cysts do not form. multicystic renal dysplasia may occur sporadically or as part of various genetic syndromes, such as meckel-gruber syndrome, in fetuses and newborns. autosomal-recessive polycystic kidney disease is rare and leads to bilateral, symmetric renal enlargement manifested in utero, with renal failure evident at birth. transitional cell carcinoma may be multifocal, but it produces masses, not cysts. vesicoureteral reflux can lead to hydroureter, hydronephrosis, and an increased risk of infection. bp8 570571pbd7 962, 965pbd8 957, 959

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