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Writing research papers can be fun and exciting! You have to write what you know and what you're interested in! Take this quiz to help you decide on a topic that you might want to write your research paper on!

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    What is your favorite subject in school?

Test your knowledge after listening video lectures!

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    Document mandatory to enroll subject in clinical research study?

The Process of Research Quiz! Did you know you could help make the world a better place through research? With over 27 questions, this quiz will help guide, inform and teach you the basic things you need to know about research....

Questions: 27  |  Attempts: 4113   |  Last updated: Apr 3, 2020
  • Sample Question
    How are research questions most often described?

Questions: 71  |  Attempts: 700   |  Last updated: Apr 2, 2020
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    A good way to evaluate trustworthy online sources is to...

Questions: 26  |  Attempts: 312   |  Last updated: May 28, 2015
  • Sample Question
    Statistical methods are used to do what?

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Research Questions & Answers

What is the recommended order of tasks in preparing a research proposal?
C. State the problem and subproblems, note the research questions/hypotheses, note the assumptions, define the terms, note the delimitations. This is the most near to correctness from the above choices, the ideal answer should be: State the problem
Which of these would be assured by you when selecting factors for a study in general?A. They have been investigated before 2. They are available to investigate 3. They are not...
Correct answer is option B. They are available for investigation. You need to be assured that the study is available for investigation when selecting factors for a study in general. It doesn’t matter if a study has been investigated before, mo
How are research questions most often described?
The answer to this is the letter C. This may often arise from the things that we experience every day. There are moments when you would be paying attention more to your environment. You may notice small things that you never noticed before. This can
Which of the following represents a well-written basic research problem?
The answer to this is C. There are several factors that can make a research problem well-written. First of all, the intent of the research problem should be clear. Through the main research problem, people can think about a variety of other problems