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Architects work in the construction industry specifically to design buildings, conserving old ones, and coming up with ways of using the existing ones. If you are planning on being an architect you should have a good imagination...

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    What government entity is responsible in regulating the practice of architecture?

(Architectural Practice)Prepared by:Arch./EnP. RSGabitan

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    What type of specification does this statement refer to? - "FAN - the fan shall be Model No. XYZ as manufactured by the Static Air Fan Company of Texas or an equal approved by the Architect"

The term “professional practice” refers to the use of one’s knowledge in a particular profession, including professional activities related to their given field and the actual performance of the duties they are...

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    The 3-D wheel of a building project consists of all but one of these

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    Architecture graduates can take the Board Exam conditionally after the board exam.

Professional Practice for Architecture Mock Board. The main objective of the quiz is to let the examinees have the feel of answering questions while time pressured.

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    Architects are People who are Registered and _______ qualified to practice architecture


Professional Practice Questions & Answers

What is the percentage of payment for construction management based on old 1979 SPP?
The percentage would be 1.5% - 3% of the base contract to cover the costs of procurement, construction, and commissioning. This would be set aside for items such as procurement which would be the cost of estimating the project, scheduling, and expens
Can an Architect be the Architect-of-Record and Architect-in-Charge of construction at the same time?
The correct answer to this question is B, yes, it is possible. The architect of record is an architect that has their name on a building permit. This permit is issued for a special project, which the artchitect would perform service on. In this role,
What should Juan’s boss do to practice architecture in the Philippines?
He should collaborate with a filipino firm/architect and be partners, to be able to practice architecture in the philippines-section 37. limitation to the registration of a firm, company, partnership, corporation or association. - the practice of arc
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