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  • What is the name given to the rapid growth of world population that has taken place since the industrial revolution?

  • What two words could be used to describe the growth of world population?

  • How is population density calculated?

  • Which is the least used modern contraceptive method among married women in developing countries?
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  • What is the current estimate of overall contraceptive use among married women in developing countries?
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  • Surveys show that average desired family size in developing countries is:
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  • Climate influences where people live across the world.  Which climate type has the highest population?

  • Another factor that determines population distribution is:

  • Good communications and technology encourage people and businesses to move to an area.  Which of the following is NOT an example of communication and technology developments?

  • Which of the following is not a reason for decline in birth rates in MEDCs?
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  • Reasons why for sudden population growth
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  • China's anti-natal policy began in 1987?
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