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Do you think you are ready for our population quiz? Do you enjoy the study and statistics of population? Maybe you just find population a fascinating subject. Either way, we challenge you to our brilliant population quiz today!

Some of the questions you will be facing are: What is the projected population of the United Kingdom in 30 years time? How much has the world’s population grown in the last 50 years? When was China’s one-child per family policy in place? In which year did the world’s population exceed 7 billion? Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you just want to know the answers anyway? All will be revealed in the quiz! So sit back and learn something new today!

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  • What is the name given to the rapid growth of world population that has taken place since the industrial revolution?

  • What two words could be used to describe the growth of world population?

  • How is population density calculated?

  • Which is the least used modern contraceptive method among married women in developing countries?
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  • What is the current estimate of overall contraceptive use among married women in developing countries?
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  • Surveys show that average desired family size in developing countries is:
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  • When all the elements in a population are included in a study, the result is a _____.
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  • The list of elements in a population from which the sample is actually drawn is known as the _____.
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  • Hilton Hotels wishes to conduct a study on the determinants of brand loyalty among Hilton Hotel customers. The Hilton organization estimates that 10% of its 2, 600,000 Hilton Honors club members are loyal to the Hilton brand wherever they travel. However, the remaining members may choose other hotel brands at times. The organization wants to understand how to increase loyalty among the other 90% of club members.In the Hilton example, the individual club members represent the _____.
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  • The number of people living in a particular area at a particular point in time is known as the __________ of that area.

  • This term refers to the way in which people are spread out over an area.

  • The statement 250 per square kilometer most likely refers to: