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Organisms and organizations. Kind of a mouthful, but if you take a closer look you might see yourself living in a life sized ant farm. Can human behavior be studied objectively? Why are we running around all the time? Why did we develop such chaotic or super organized workspaces? Can we manage our workflow successfully? How can we become our best in this outnumbered world of ours?

Can we keep our personality and still fit into an organization? How do we interact with our fellow humans at work? Why do we enjoy our alone time or thrive under pressure? Can we get past our ego and actually do something for the greater good? Maybe we’re just an army of perishable workers. Let us know what you discover answering the questions bellow.

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    What makes a resource valuable?

A test of how much is known about organizational behavior. Just the second exam.

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    _____ is the view the individual has of himself or herself as a physical, social, and spiritual or moral being. 

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    The ________ theory argues that job satisfaction depends on whether an employee percieves that his/her job supplies the things that he/she values.

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    The value of the set of employee behaviors that contribute either positively or negatively to organizational goal accomplishment is known as:

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    A relatively permanent change in an employee's knowledge or skill that results from experience.

Organizational Behavior Questions & Answers

What is it called when a third party of empowered to resolve a disagreement it is called?
The question is grammatically incorrect. I do not understand what it is asking...
What are the elements of organizational structure?
Represents how many employees each manager in the organization has responsibility for