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Operations management refers to controlling and administering the process of production and redesigning business functions in the production of goods and services. The primary concern is planning, organizing,...

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    Production systems with standardized outputs typically:

Operations management refers to administering and supervising the process of production and recreate business operations in the production of goods or services. Operation Managers are accountable for acquiring and delivering...

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    The greater the degree of customer involvement, the more challenging the design and management of operations

You are sofa king we todd did

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    Attributes (i.e. attribute data) must be measured rather than counted

In the business setting, the operations part of business forms the largest portion of all the work around management. The operations management test 2 practice below will help you understand the fundamentals of operations...

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    The mrp input listing the assemblies, sub assemblies, parts, and raw materials needed to produce one unit of finished product is the:

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    1. The four decision areas in operations management are:

Operation Management Questions & Answers

What describes the fundamental purpose for the existence of any organization?
A mission statement is a declaration of the purpose of a company, organization, or person; it's reason for existing; a written affirmation of an organization's core purpose and focus that generally remains unchanged over time. It identifies the goal
What would it would then be if the productivity is increased by 10%? Gibson Valves produces cast bronze valves on an assembly line, currently producing 1600 valves each 8-hour shift.    
The answer is 220 per 8 hour shift if the productivity goes up by 10%. Gibson valves, like other products on a conveyor belt, are vulnerable to its smooth running. This must be kept constant if productivity is not to be affected. Otherwise the valve
Which of these factors affects productivity.
Methods and technology B. Workers C. Management
What is the critical path and time duration? A simple CPM network has three activities, A, B, and C. A is an immediate predecessor of B and of C. B is an immediate predecessor of C. The...
The critical path is A-B-C, with a duration of 15 minutes. You don’t have to be well-versed in computer lingo to figure this one out (as I figured it out without much information on that half of the equation). Here’s how I figured this ou