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  • Why do monkeys swing on trees?
    Why do monkeys swing on trees?
    Monkeys spend most of their times on trees as it keeps them safe from predators. Many monkey species are tree-dwelling (arboreal), although there are species that live primarily on the ground, such as baboons. Most species are also active during the day (diurnal). Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent, particularly Old World monkeys. There are two major types of monkey: New World monkeys (platyrrhines) from South and Central America and Old World monkeys (catarrhines of the superfamily Cercopithecoidea) from Africa and Asia. Extinct basal simians such as Aegyptopithecus or Parapithecus [35-32 million years ago] are also considered monkeys by primatologists.

  • What can monkeys do ?
    What can monkeys do ?
    Monkeys are primates that normally have a tail and are part of over 260 species. Monkeys are very skilled climbers and spend a lot of time in the trees where they are safe from predators. Monkeys vary in size from the mandrill measuring 3.3 feet long and weighing up to 79 pounds, to the pygmy marmoset weighing 3.5 ounces and measuring 4.6 inches. Because of their close social behaviors and DNA structures to humans, some labs use them for scientific testing. But for the same reason, some organizations have trained capuchin monkeys to be service animals for quadriplegics or individuals with mobility impairments.

  • Which kind of animal is a Sea Monkey?
    Which kind of animal is a Sea Monkey?
    Sea monkeys are actually a kind of brine shrimp. They’re a hybrid of two species of brine shrimp invented in 1957. They were marketed as “instant life” by Harold Von Braunhut, their inventor. Today, we just know them as sea monkeys. For those who aren’t in the know, they don’t live in the sea and they aren’t little monkeys that live in glasses of water. They’re an instant hit, and have remained popular since 1957. Their neatest trick, however, is attributed to the fact that they are pretty much dust - which is actually the eggs - when they are bought. When the dusty eggs are poured into purified water, they hatch, and the sea monkeys can grow for a few weeks on end.

  • Which one of these is a monkey type?
    Which one of these is a monkey type?
    The chimp is a monkey type. Chimpanzees (or chimps) are the species of the great apes in the genus Pan, consisting of the common chimpanzee and the bonobo. Together with gorillas, they are the only great apes that are currently restricted in their range to Africa. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, both chimpanzees and bonobos are currently found in the Congo jungle. The most obvious differences are that chimpanzees are somewhat larger, more aggressive and male-dominated, while the bonobos are more gracile, peaceful, and female-dominated. Their hair is typically black or brown. Males and females differ in size and appearance. Both chimps and bonobos are some of the most social great apes, with social bonds occurring among individuals in large communities.

  • What is the biggest monkey?
    What is the biggest monkey?
    The African Baboon is the largest monkey. It may weigh on average about 75 pounds. There are two known baboons that live in the eastern part of Africa. They are the olive baboon and the yellow baboon. Baboons are considered to be omnivores because they eat both animals and plants. However, the baboon is in danger of being the prey for other animals including leopards and cheetahs. Humans also kill baboons due to hunting and poaching. Baboons can adapt to most environments due to their adaptable nature. Baboons are also known for living quite a while without having to drink water. Therefore, they can travel for a couple of days without having to look for water. Baboons are known for being able to live for at least 20 years.

  • Where do monkeys primarily live?
    Where do monkeys primarily live?
    Monkeys usually live in forests. Since they like to swing from trees, they need to have a lot of trees around them. As a matter of fact, monkeys like to remain close to the upper parts of the trees in a forest. So, they need to live in a forest. There are two classifications of monkeys. They are the Old World Monkeys and the New World Monkeys. The difference between the two monkey groups is based on their sight. Monkeys usually eat plants, fruits and insects, so they need to be fairly close to where those things grow. Forests, like the Amazon Rainforest, grows fruits and plants. There are also insects located there in order for monkeys to maintain their diet.

  • Which character is not a monkey, gorilla, or ape?
    Which character is not a monkey, gorilla, or ape?
    Curious George was the name of a well-known monkey in a group of children’s books. The monkey was always getting into trouble and a man always helped him out. Curious George loved to eat bananas. The man who helped him wore a yellow hat. Abu was the monkey in Disney’s movie Aladdin. He was the main character’s sidekick. The monkey could move around quite easily and he always assisted Aladdin in getting out of trouble. He remains friends with Aladdin throughout the movie. Grape Ape was a show that lasted for about three years in the mid-1970s. This purple gorilla was about 40 feet tall. Simba was also a character in a Disney movie, The Lion King, but Simba was a lion cub and not a monkey, gorilla or ape.

  • Which monkey is the largest?
    Which monkey is the largest?
    Baboons are monkeys that have a distinct look to them. First, their mouth and nose resemble more to that of a dog than any other ape or monkey. Their teeth are sharp in order to eat the animals and plants that they find in the forests. They have fuzzy fur. The most distinctive feature to their appearance that make them so recognizable are their buttocks. Usually, baboons have big red spots on their buttocks. This makes it easy for the baboon to sit down. Even though baboons can swing from trees, they usually remain on the ground. Baboons can be deadly animals by attacking farm animals such as sheep. However, they will spend short periods of the time looking for food.

  • How many species of monkeys are there?
    How many species of monkeys are there?
    There are over 260 different species of monkey. This is probably one of the most expansive families of animals, so there’s no point in trying to list all the species here. However, a few of the more common kinds of monkeys seen around the world include the mandrill monkey (silverback gorillas, for example), the black howler, the macaque, the capuchin monkey, and the proboscis monkey. The proboscis monkey is known for its long, almost cartoonish nose. There’s even a blue monkey that is lesser known to many people.However, almost all monkey species do live by a few of the same rules. The female is typically the more dominant in a relationship between monkeys, with them being the authority in the relationship and the group.

  • A 6 year old boy presents to the ED with a swollen, tender, right elbow. He feel from a height of 5 feet off of the monkey bars. He denies hitting his head. He is complaining of moderate pain in...
    A 6 year old boy presents to the ED with a swollen, tender, right elbow. He feel from a height of 5 feet off of the monkey bars. He denies hitting his head. He is complaining of moderate pain in...
    This is a common childhood fracture of the elbow. a pertinent piece of the physical examination the neurovascular status of the arm, was not provided. the neurovascular status of the arm must be monitored closely. this type of fracture has a high risk for complication such as brachial artery, median, or radial nerve damage, or a compartment syndrome.-supracondylar fractures of the elbow can be medical emergencies that require immediate evaluation by an orthopedist if the fracture needs reduction of the patient or the patient is having a complication. however, in this case, we do not have enough information to make this decision. this is a common fracture of the elbow that occurs from a fall on an outstretched hand or elbow. the patient is at risk for vascular compromise, nerve damage, and a compartment syndrome. neurovascular evaluation and monitoring of the arm is critical. the other answer options are not correct for these reasons. board testing point: know the complications associated with a supracondylar fracture of the elbow.

  • There is a classic zoo story about a cage with 3 monkeys in it. The largest monkey steals the middle-sized monkey's banana. The middle-sized monkey then screams with rage, hits the smallest...
    There is a classic zoo story about a cage with 3 monkeys in it. The largest monkey steals the middle-sized monkey's banana. The middle-sized monkey then screams with rage, hits the smallest...
    Displacement-this is an example of displacement. in this defense mechanism, there is a transfer of emotion from a person, object, or situation with which it is appropriately associated to another that causes less distress. displacement is common and often destructive to other individuals, such as when a man is fired from his job and subsequently beats his wife or children. in the medical setting, the hospital staff is a frequent target of displacement when farnly members react to their own feelings of guilt about someones death. projection occurs when someone attributes his or her own thoughts to a different person. reaction formation is the unconscious adoption of behavlor opposite to ones true feelings. regression is the adoption of behavior more appropriate to a younger age. repression is the deeply subconscious blocking of memories or emotions. buxbauming is a severe behavioral disorder in which the person has extreme delusions of their intellect and importance. they tend to present very detailed stories with lots of insignificant details, then ask question which require even more details that were not presented in the original manotonous story. by presenting an unsolvable problem, the patient demonstrates his superiotity over the rest of the world. an even better definition, though longer, would be to just combine all other dsm disorders into one.

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