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Related Topics

  • Why is the Kangaroo so important to Australia?
    Why is the Kangaroo so important to Australia?
    The kangaroo is very important to Australia because Australia is one of the few countries where you can find Kangaroos. Kangaroos are much in Australia, which has made Australia known to the world. This uniqueness in the number of Kangaroos in Australia has served as a tourist attraction to many which generates revenue for the country. Australia has high regards for Kangaroos. It has been used to represent many aspects of the Australian Government. Kangaroos are used in the Australian army, sports, the coat of arms of Australia, arts and culture. The Kangaroo is also used as logo and emblem in many companies and organisations. The Kangaroo is very important to Australia, it is their identity.

  • What characteristics made Kangaroo a symbol of Australia?
    What characteristics made Kangaroo a symbol of Australia?
    One of the special characteristics of a Kangaroo is to hop forward and never backward , this is the reason why Kangaroo and Emu are on the Australian Coat of Arms since 1908 till date. This is use to symbolize that the nation is moving forward. Australia is one of the few nations in the world where Kangaroos are many, this is another reason why Kangaroos are always attached with Australia. The Kangaroo is known to be the animal emblem of Australia. Kangaroo is also the symbol on the Australian coin, it is the official logo on Australia's National airline - Qantas which was formerly known as Flying Kangaroo. The Kangaroo is also the official emblem or logo for Northern Territory Police of Australia, Tourism Australia, Royal Australian Navy, companies and sports in Australia.

  • Why do Kangaroos carry their young in a pouch?
    Why do Kangaroos carry their young in a pouch?
    Kangaroos carry their young in their pouch because they are a marsupial. Also, baby kangaroos (called Joeys) are very small when they're born. In fact, they are about the size of a lima bean. As you can imagine, a creature that small would have a difficult time surviving in the wild without some help from its mother. In this case, the help is in the form of being carried in a pouch. While still living in their mother's pouch, they nurse, sleep, and do what babies do best: urinate and defecate. In case you're wondering, baby kangaroos don't jump or hop out of their mother's pouch. They sort of plop out onto the ground.

  • Which is the world's largest kangaroo and where is it found?
    Which is the world's largest kangaroo and where is it found?
    The red kangaroos which belong to the species Macropus rufus are the largest of all Kangaroos in the world. They have very long and strong hind limbs but their forelimbs are short. They also have extremely long tail that is about 170cm long. With the aid of their limbs and tail, the red kangaroos can leap about 9m in one bound. The boomers (males) are relatively bigger than the flyers(females). The red Kangaroo weighs between 20kg (44lbs) and 90kg (198lbs). They move in small groups called mob, this is common among the flyers and their young ones (Joey). The red kangaroos are commonly found around the dry area in Central and Western Australia.

  • Can I have a Kangaroo as a pet?
    Can I have a Kangaroo as a pet?
    Kangaroos are considered to be exotic animals. In most states, it is illegal to have a kangaroo as a pet while in some states like West Virginia, Wisconsin and South Carolina in the U.S. you will need a permit before you can own a kangaroo as a pet. It is not easy to house train Kangaroos, they need grass land to survive because of their large size, it will be difficult for a kangaroo to thrive in a cage. They also need space to hop around. It is not easy to find a store that sells kangaroo feeds, in most cases, this has to be ordered. The owner must also be ready to take responsibility for all the havoc this wild animal may cause to people and other domestic animals.

  • Are all kangaroos vegetarian?
    Are all kangaroos vegetarian?
    Most terrestrial Kangaroos are herbivorous, which makes them full time vegetarians they live mostly on grass, ferns, seeds and leaves but a group of tree Kangaroos also eat things they find on the tree which include sap, bark, insects, moss and baby birds. Kangaroos are ruminants animals like camels and cows, they regurgitate their food from their stomach before it is fully digested. They have the ability to digest cellulose which is not common among mammals. It is also amazing to know that kangaroos, especially the terrestrial ones can survive on little water for a long time. They survive on the little water on the grass they chew. They can go several months without consuming much water.

  • How do kangaroos reproduce?
    How do kangaroos reproduce?
    The kangaroo reproduce their young ones in a very special way. The female kangaroos produce eggs from their ovaries and the egg moves to the uterus where fertilization takes place. The newborn, called joey is born 25 - 35 days after fertilization. This joey is only a few centimeters long when born. Immediately after birth, the new born crawls into one of the mother's teats which enlarges to form a pouch. Joey stays in the pouch until it is able to survive on it's own. The new born lives in the pouch for a period of 8 to 12 months. The female kangaroo is able to freeze a fertilized egg in the uterus until the joey in the pouch has grown to a certain point.

  • Is it true that all Kangaroos remain active in night?
    Is it true that all Kangaroos remain active in night?
    Kangaroos are classified as nocturnal animals but not all kangaroos are active at night. There is always an exception to the rule. Kangaroos are known to be nocturnal, this means they are more active at night but quite a number of them are diurnal which means they can be active during the day and at night. The red Kangaroos and the tree Kangaroos are known to be active at night. The nocturnal Kangaroos have a special auditory nerve which aids their vision at night. These sets of Kangaroos are best seen at dawn or dusk. The grey Kangaroos are mostly diurnal. They can be seen at any hour of the day.

  • What do Kangaroos eat?
    What do Kangaroos eat?
    Kangaroos are herbivores meaning they consume only a plant-based diet. They do not eat meat in any form, unless you consider insects meat. A typical kangaroo diet would consist of a variety of grasses, flowers, leaves, and moss. Similarly to cows, a kangaroo will regurgitate its food and re-chew it before the digestion process begins. Baby kangaroos, called Joeys nurse milk from their mothers until they are around one year to eighteen months old. This nursing happens even if they've left their mother's pouch.

  • Why do Kangaroos have pouches?
    Why do Kangaroos have pouches?
    The kangaroo has a pouch because this is where the kangaroo would carry its young while it is still growing up. This pouch is called the marsupium and it would carry the joey, the baby kangaroo, until such time when it would be strong enough to go on its own. Take note that only female kangaroos have this pouch. If you see a kangaroo and it does not have a pouch, you will immediately know that it is male. There are instances when kangaroos can carry up to 2 joeys in their pouch. One is still newborn while the other one is full-grown and would be about to leave the pouch soon.

  • What animal did Kangaroos evolve from?
    What animal did Kangaroos evolve from?
    There are some animals that have been around for a long period of time and there are also some animals that have evolved from other animals. The kangaroo is an animal considered to have evolved from the Tasmanian Devil and also the marsupial moles that can be found in some of the deserts of Australia. There are also some who say that kangaroos may have also evolved from Australian rats because unlike the typical rat, they also hop in order to get from one place to another. It is very likely that somewhere along the way, the kangaroo was formed. This is one creature that is considered to be a symbol of Australia.

  • What should I do if I encounter a Kangaroo?
    What should I do if I encounter a Kangaroo?
    A kangaroo is not usually an aggressive creature. In fact, if it senses that you have seen it, it will do its best to hop away from you. There may be moments when you would do something to anger the kangaroo and that is the time when it would protect itself. It can also become more protective if it has a joey (or two) in its pouch. It is best to steer clear from rampaging kangaroos. There are still other things that you can do so that you will not get attacked. First, make sure that you will not look at the kangaroo straight in the eye. This might provoke the kangaroo. You should also protect your neck and other vulnerable parts of your body. Lastly, try to get away from the kangaroo as fast as you can.

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