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Famous for their forward opening pouch, Kangaroos are Australia’s most famous animal. In fact, you’ll find more kangaroos in Australia than Australians. Take our entertaining online Kangaroo quizzes for more such fun facts and trivia.
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What looks all cute and cuddly while packing a boxing style punch? Test your knowledge on Australia's top marsupial the Kangaroo!

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    How many species of great kangaroo are there?

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    New Zealand is part of Australia.

Kangaroos have powerful, large hind legs, large feet for jumping, a small head and a long strong tail for balance. People enjoy seeing  kangaroo babies peeking out from their mother's sack. Take this quiz to know more...

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    A kangaroo had the ability to jump forward as far as:


Kangaroo Questions & Answers

Why is the Kangaroo so important to Australia?
The kangaroo is very important to Australia because Australia is one of the few countries where you can find Kangaroos. Kangaroos are much in Australia, which has made Australia known to the world. This uniqueness in the number of Kangaroos in Austra
Why do Kangaroos carry their young in a pouch?
Kangaroos carry their young in their pouch because they are a marsupial. Also, baby kangaroos (called Joeys) are very small when they're born. In fact, they are about the size of a lima bean. As you can imagine, a creature that small would have a dif
What characteristics made Kangaroo a symbol of Australia?
One of the special characteristics of a Kangaroo is to hop forward and never backward , this is the reason why Kangaroo and Emu are on the Australian Coat of Arms since 1908 till date. This is use to symbolize that the nation is moving forward. Austr
What would you call a baby kangaroo?
A baby kangaroo is called a joey. Marsupials have a very short gestation period (about four to five weeks), and the joey is born in an essentially fetal state. The blind, furless, miniature newborn, the size of a jelly bean, crawls across its mother'
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