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  • How many minutes does a giraffe sleep on average each day?
    How many minutes does a giraffe sleep on average each day?
    The answer to the question about how many minutes a giraffe sleep on average each day is letter D or 1 to 12 minutes a day. That being said, giraffes have one of the shortest sleep requirements of all mammals in the world. Although it is worthy to note that a giraffe usually takes between 10 minutes to almost 2 hours in a day. The reason why the correct answer for this question is letter D is due to the fact that it is the closest among all the given choices. Of course, we can choose letter B or two to five hours, but giraffes don’t really sleep more than 2 hours in a day. So choosing letter D or 1 to 12 minutes a day is the safest since it covers the correct time a giraffe sleep on a day – 10 minutes or more.

  • How did giraffes evolve?
    How did giraffes evolve?
    It has been accepted for many years that Larmark and Darwin's theories, although different, coincided on one point: that in arid countries the advantage of being able to graze the greenery high up on trees was a feature that encouraged development of long necks. However, a few years ago, it was pointed out that giraffes choose to feed with their necks at an angle, only stretching up when there is nothing to graze lower down. Whether for high grazing or not, selective breeding for long necks has favored the tall giraffe over shorter animals in the same family. The larger animal survives better than the shorter and the sexual advantage of being favored by females is accentuated by the use of the neck in sexual competition. Giraffes lay their necks over their competitor and bash their head with their strong skulls. But since the giraffe has been the tallest animal for over a million years, the full explanation for its evolution is yet to be discovered.

  • What continent do Giraffes live in?
    What continent do Giraffes live in?
    The correct answer to this question is A, Africa. Having adapted to a variety of habitats, giraffes can be found in deserts, woodlands, and savannas. Wherever a tree is in Africa, one is often likely also to see a giraffe. They have a population of 97,500, and they call more than 15 African countries home, including Niger, South Sudan, and Kenya. They have many predators, which include humans, crocodiles, and lions. Not only are giraffes tall, but they are cumbersome. A male giraffe can weigh over four thousand pounds, while a female giraffe can weigh over two thousand pounds.

  • What is the gestation period of a giraffe?
    What is the gestation period of a giraffe?
    The correct answer to this question is A, 14 Months. This gestation period is one of the longest of animals. Sometimes twins are born, but for the most part, giraffes only give birth to one at a time. Due to the long gestation period, giraffes normally don't give birth again until 16 months later. While femals give birth as soon as age 6, males don't begin the process of breeding until age 7. The normal life span of a giraffe in the wild is 15 years, while a captive giraffe can live up to 25 years of age or older.

  • How many bones does a giraffe have in its neck?
    How many bones does a giraffe have in its neck?
    The answer to the question is letter D. A giraffe has seven (7) bones in its neck. This being said, giraffes and humans are both similar because human beings also have seven bones in their neck. However, what makes their bones different than ours is the length. Giraffes use their long necks to reach for their food by raising their head vertically upwards. They can also use their dominance to other giraffes by swimming their necks into another giraffe’s body. Each bone in the giraffe’s neck is about 10 inches long. This explains why their necks are really long. Just imagine what we would look like if our bones in our necks are also 10 inches long, we would probably look like a fool!

  • What animal is the only relative of the giraffe?
    What animal is the only relative of the giraffe?
    The only living relative of the giraffe is the okapi. These animals bear markings on their rears and their hind legs that are very similar to zebra stripes. Despite this, they’re actually more closely related to the giraffe instead of the zebra which they bear resemblance to. It is native to the area just northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Unfortunately, this animal is not immune to human tendencies to hunt for meat, fur, etc. The okapi is considered to be an endangered species due to the fact that until legislation was passed in 1874, it was hunted for meat - a specific kind of meat called “bushmeat” in the area, to be precise and for their interesting fur. After the legislation was passed, populations have increased but not enough to remove them from the endangered species list.

  • How big is a single giraffes step, on average?
    How big is a single giraffes step, on average?
    The answer is letter C. A giraffe’s single step is as big as 5 meters on the average. However, please note that this is just the average step a giraffe can make. Biologists have pointed out that giraffes have two different modes of locomotion – walking wherein they can cover up to 5 meters or more than 16 feet per step and galloping wherein they can cover up to 16 kilometers per hour. Just looking at that number makes it extremely impossible to outrun a giraffe since it is already considered fast. The recorded speed a giraffe made was about 56 kilometers per hour. They walk by using their legs on the same side for each step that they make. This means that they walk using both their front and hind legs of the same side at the same time.

  • How long does a giraffe usually live for?
    How long does a giraffe usually live for?
    The answer to the question about how long a giraffe usually live for is letter A or 20 to 25 years. This answer is applicable to giraffes that are living in the wild. It is the normal lifespan of a giraffe although it can be shortened due to different threats – their habitats get destroyed or they get attacked and killed by different predators. There are different sources which point out that many giraffes don’t make it into adulthood because they get killed by hyenas, lion and other predators while they were still young. A giraffe that is in captivity can live up to 30 years. However, please remember that we cannot choose letter E or 30 to 40 years because even though 30 years is present, a giraffe cannot possibly live up to 40 years even in captivity.

  • How long is a giraffes tongue on average?
    How long is a giraffes tongue on average?
    The answer to the question regarding how long a giraffe’s tongue on average is letter C or 46 centimeters. If we are to convert it to inches, we would get around 18 inches long. That is the correct answer because a giraffe’s tongue is normally 18 inches long, but it can extend two more inches which equals to 20 inches long. However, since we are only talking about the average length of a giraffe’s tongue, we can settle with letter C as the correct answer. We cannot choose letter A, B, D, and E because they are either too short or too long – 17 centimeters is equal to about 6 inches, 1 meter is equal to 39 inches, 2.3 meters is equal to 90 inches and 34 centimeters is equal to about 13 inches.

  • How long is a giraffe's tongue?
    How long is a giraffe's tongue?
    The correct answer is letter D. A giraffe’s tongue is up to 21 inches long. However, the normal length of a giraffe’s tongue is around 18 inches only. Aside from having a long tongue, a giraffe’s tongue is also known for having grey, purple or blue coloration at its tip and pink on its back and underside. Some sources claim that a giraffe’s tongue can extend up to 20 inches only. The only reason why we picked the answer as letter D because it is the closest among all the given choices. We cannot pick letter A because five inches is too short. We also cannot pick letters B and C because obviously a giraffe’s tongue is normally around 18 inches.

  • How many types of giraffes are there in the world?
    How many types of giraffes are there in the world?
    The answer to the question regarding how many types of giraffes are there in the world is letter B or nine (9). These nine types of giraffe can be found in Africa and they are classified according to their geographical range, coat patterns and coloration. The following are the 9 types of giraffes according to their geographical range: 1) The West African giraffe which is also called Nigerian giraffe or Niger Giraffe is found in the Sahel regions of West Africa. It is also considered as the most threatened subspecies of giraffe because it only inhabits a small portion of Nigeria, 2) Rothschile Giraffe which is also known as the Ugandan giraffe is found in Uganda and Kenya, 3) The Masai giraffe which is also called Kilimanjaro giraffe is found in Tanzania and Kenya, 4) Somali giraffe is found in northern Kenya, Somalia and southern Ethiopia, 5) Kordofan giraffe is found in Central African Republic, western Sudan and northern and southern Chad. 6) Thornicroft giraffe which is found in eastern Zambia and Luangwa Valley, 7) Angolan giraffe which is found in Botswana, northern Namibia, Angola, southwestern Zambia and western Zimbabwe, 8)South African giraffe which is found in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and 9) Nubian giraffe which is found in northeastern Dominican Republic of Congo and eastern Sudan.

  • What are giraffes horns called?
    What are giraffes horns called?
    The giraffes’ horns are called letter C or ossicones. Male and female giraffes both have ossicones on the top of their head and they use it as weapons during conflicts with other giraffes or with other animals. Ossicones are just soft cartilage that solidified or ossified and they are covered with their skin and fur. Although both male and female giraffes have ossicones, it is worthy to note that a female giraffe has a slightly smaller ossicones than those of male giraffes. Aside from differentiating a male and female giraffe in terms of their height and weight, ossicones can also be a factor to identify their sexes – a male giraffe has bald ossicones while a female giraffe has a tuft of fur on top of its ossicones.

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