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​​​​​​​The CT registry review quiz is intended for technologists who need an effective way to prepare and pass the CT certification exam. Computed tomography (CT)  is described as an imaging procedure that...

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    What is an advantage of scans of the pituitary taken in the coronal plane?

The CT Registry Review Program presents a detailed discussion of every concept outlined in the content specifications for the CT certification exam. It is designed to help technologists prepare effectively for the CT exam and...

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    The loss of anatomic information between contiguous sections due to inconsistent patient breathing is called:

The Computed Tomography (CT) quiz has been developed to test your knowledge of different techniques and procedures used in the CT Scan. This exam is conducted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART). Take...

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    The 'filter' in filtered backprojection refers to

A CT scan combines a series of X-Ray imagery of a patient’s body and is used to provide medical information that is different from other imaging exams. Some people have the misconception that CT tests are dangerous due to...

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    The muscles of mastication include all of the following EXCEPT the:

Anatomy quizzes to get ready for the registry.

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    Clinical indications for musculoskeletal CT include all of the following EXCEPT:

CT Registry Questions & Answers

The spinal cord originates at the foramen magnum in the skull base and extends approximately to the level of:
 This is incorrect. It originates from the medulla oblongata and extends to the second lumbar spine.
What does the term viscosity refer to?
Vis·cos·i·ty ˌviˈskäsədē/ noun the state of being thick, sticky, and semifluid in consistency, due to internal friction. synonyms:thickness,gooeyness,viscidity;More a quantity expressing the magnitude of
Which one of the following, is inappropriate for a technologist to ask a patient?
If a person has HIV reason being it's Hippa and also precautions are used for all patients
Which one of the following is not included by the tarsal bones of the foot?
This is a tricky question. This question does not actually have an answer because all of the bones listed are tarsal bones. Tarsal bones are small bones found in your feet. The midfoot, hindfoot, and the forefoot combine together to make your foot.