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  • Which of the following best describes theconcept of Universal Grammar?

  • Read the passage below; then answerthe question that follows.When speakers of two mutually unintelligiblelanguages come into contact, theneed for communication often requiresthat they develop a common code thatcontains features of both languages. Thisis then learned as a first language bysubsequent generations of children. Thevocabulary is gradually expanded, andthe grammar becomes more complexover time, until the language is similarin structure to other human languages.Which of the following linguisticphenomena is described in the abovepassage?

  • The smallest unit of meaning in alanguage is known as a:

  • Read the poem below, "song at the african middle class" by Molara Ogundipe-Leslie; thenanswer the question that follows.we charge through the skies of disillusion,seeking the widening of eyes, we gaze at chaos,speak to deadened hearts and ears stopped withcommerce. We drift around our region of clowns,walking on air as dreams fly behind our eyes.we forage among broken bodies, fractured mindsto find just ways retraced and new like beaten cloth.and if they come againwill they come again?and if they come againwill they dance this time?will the new egungun1 dance once moreresplendent in rich-glassed cloth?will they be of their peoples needs,rise to those needs, settle whirling riftssalve, O, festering hearts?will they say when they comeO my people, O my people, how to love you delicately?1egungun: a masqueraded dancer who dances in a religious ritual with the intention of making contact with the supernaturalThis poem best addresses which of the following concerns of contemporary African writers?

  • Literary works by postmodern Britishwriters such as Angela Carter, SalmanRushdie, and Jeanette Wintersongenerally tend to share which of thefollowing characteristics?

  • Read the passage below from Troilus and Cressida, a play by William Shakespeare; then answer the two questions that follow.In the following passage, the speaker is Ulysses, one of the Greek commanders in the war against the Trojans.When that the general is not like the hiveTo whom the foragers1 shall all repair,What honey is expected? . . .The heavens themselves, the planets, and this centre2Observe degree, priority, and place, . . .And therefore is the glorious planet Sol3In noble eminence enthrond and spherdAmidst the other; whose medcinable4 eyeCorrects the [ill aspects] of [planets evil],And posts5 like the commandment of a king,Sans6 check, to good and bad. But when the planetsIn evil mixture to disorder wander,What plagues and what portents, what mutiny!1foragers: workers (drones)2this centre: the earth3Sol: the sun (king of planets)4medcinable: healing, restorative5posts: speeds6sans: without3. This passage most clearly reflects theElizabethan world view in its assertionthat:

  • Which of the following forms of fixed or closed verse originated in Italy but was introduced to England, where it was developed and established as an English literary tradition?

  • Which of the following excerpts is most characteristic of the traditional American literary form called the slave narrative?

  • Literary works such as James Joyces A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Gustave Flauberts A Sentimental Education, and Thomas Manns The Magic Mountain provide examples of which of the following traditional novelistic forms?

  • Which of the following responses by a child to the question Why is it wrong to steal? represents the least advanced stage of moral development?

  • Which of the following statements is most consistent with a multiple-factor view of intelligence?

  • Children with learning disabilities can be expected to be characterized by