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  • Transfer of DNA between bacteria using a narrow tube called a pilus is called _____________

  • Choose the most appropriate word for the following sentence:After the hurricane, uprooted trees _________ over the ground.

  • If y(x-1)=z then x equals ________

  •  An activity in which students are asked to compare the movements of dancers to those of various animals would be most useful for teaching _______.
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  •  Which of the following dance styles would be most appropriate for teaching third graders basic movement patterns and listening skills?
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  • In most social dances, the movement of the partner who follows is based on _________.
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  • Which of the following best describes theconcept of Universal Grammar?
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  • Read the passage below; then answerthe question that follows.When speakers of two mutually unintelligiblelanguages come into contact, theneed for communication often requiresthat they develop a common code thatcontains features of both languages. Thisis then learned as a first language bysubsequent generations of children. Thevocabulary is gradually expanded, andthe grammar becomes more complexover time, until the language is similarin structure to other human languages.Which of the following linguisticphenomena is described in the abovepassage?
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  • The smallest unit of meaning in alanguage is known as a:
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  • Cognitive Development is known as 

  • according to PREOPERATIONAL COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT THEORY,   egocentrism is most likely

  • Sensorimotor exhibit poor verbal and cognitive development.  They develop the idea of object permanence ( out of sight out of mind) during this stage.