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Are you a people person? Do you have firm decision making skills? Is your database unlimited when it comes to Information Systems? You just might possess the right tools to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Try to go through our quizzes and evaluate yourself.

Aside from those mentioned, what are the other characteristics of a successful auditor? What are the responsibilities of an IS Auditor? Probably the same as a private eye, but for information systems. Are you familiar with the advantages of being a CISA?

For one thing, you'll be world renowned. Not too shabby, right?
Showcase your experience, skills, and knowledge in information technology and business systems. Traverse the information superhighway as you take the CISA quizzes.

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  • A number of system failures are occurring when corrections to previously detected errors are resubmitted for acceptance testing. This would indicate that the maintenance team is probably not adequately performing which of the following types of testing?

  • In an EDI process, the device which transmits and receives electronic documents is the:

  • The MOST significant level of effort for business continuity planning (BCP) generally is required during the:

  • The MAJOR consideration for an IS auditor when reviewing an organization's IT project portfolio is:

  • Which of the following is the MOST important element for the successful implementation of IT governance?

  • Effective IT governance requires organizational structures and processes to ensure that:

  • The overall business risk of a particular threat can be expressed as:

  • An IS auditor reviewing access to an application to determine whether the 10 most recent new user forms were correctly authorized. This is an example of: (Mark one answer)

  • An IS auditor is using a statistical sample to inventory the tape library. What type of test would this be considered?

  • Which among the following is a risk of cross-training?

  • Which of the following reduces the potential impact of social engineering attacks?

  • An IS auditor reviewing an organization that uses cross-training practices should assess the risk of: