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Are you a people person? Do you have firm decision making skills? Is your database unlimited when it comes to Information Systems? You just might possess the right tools to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Try to go through our quizzes and evaluate yourself.

Aside from those mentioned, what are the other characteristics of a successful auditor? What are the responsibilities of an IS Auditor? Probably the same as a private eye, but for information systems. Are you familiar with the advantages of being a CISA?

For one thing, you'll be world renowned. Not too shabby, right?
Showcase your experience, skills, and knowledge in information technology and business systems. Traverse the information superhighway as you take the CISA quizzes.
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Being a Certified Information System Auditor requires more than having a certificate to boast of.  There is a constant improvement in the techniques and strategies that the Certified Information System Auditor can use to...

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    The MAJOR consideration for an IS auditor when reviewing an organization's IT project portfolio is:

Certified Information System Auditors (CISA) is accepted worldwide in all industries. The program is designated for IS audit, control and security. The first Certified Information System Auditors examination was held in 1981....

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    Which among the following is a risk of cross-training?

Quite a number of growing companies are coming to understand the importance of CISA; therefore it is mandatory for their intending employee to pass the Certified Information System Auditors. The program is ideal for managers,...

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    When selecting audit procedures, an IS auditor should use professional judgment to ensure that:

A Certified Information System Auditor is a trained personnel that helps business owners to grow at faster and better. Being a Certified Information System Auditor will give you the tools to save a business from hitting the rock....

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    The overall business risk of a particular threat can be expressed as:

Some of the benefits of being a qualified Certified Information System Auditor is that you can maximise people’s earning potentials. You can also erect a high level of sophistication and discipline, which will help you in...

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    The PRIMARY reason an IS auditor performs a functional walkthrough during the preliminary phase of an audit assignment is to:

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CISA Questions & Answers

What would the IS auditor most likely to do under these circumstances? When reviewing a application development project, an IS auditor finds that the project team is skipping the validation...
Option B is correct - Report the risk associated with such process to IT steering committee. If the IS auditor notice that the project team is skipping the validation and verification process to meet up with deadline, the risk of such cases should be
What is the most important function to be performed by IS management in such scenario? An organisation has outsourced some of its IS processes.
When an organization outsources it IS sources it is important that certain functions are performed by the IS management. Perhaps the most important function of the IS management is monitoring the outsourcing providers performance. This is because in
Which layer of following OSI model a packet filtering firewall operates?
The OSI model is included in the computer software systems within the computers. The main function with the OSI model involves communication. This model contains many layers that perform certain functions. With these layers, each layer assists the la
What is the risk of an IS auditor certifying existence of proper system and procedures without using an inadequate test procedure is an example of?
C. detection risk. This is an example of detection risk. Detection risk is the risk that the auditors fail to detect a material misstatement in the financial statements.