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AP History Questions and Answers

  • How old is this waterworn pebble resembling a human face from Makaspangat, South Africa? 
    AP history question from

  • What does this nude woman (Venus of Willendorf) represent?
    AP history question from

  • Stonehenge, Salisbury, England can be used to indicate the solstice
    AP history question from

  • Define Icarian.
    AP history question from

  • Where was the invention of aviation?
    AP history question from

  • What did a hydrogen balloon use?
    AP history question from

  • To provide labor for their sugar plantations, the Portuguese
    AP history question from

  • The last emperor of the Inca empire was
    AP history question from

  • The metis were
    AP history question from

  • Catherine the Greats attempts at reform in Russia were esentially ended by

  • The Catholic church dramatically pushed the sake of indulgences in the sixteenth century because of the

  • The most destructive European conflict before the twentieth century was

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