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Spring brings rain showers, beautiful flowers … and a hefty round of Advanced Placement exams. Are you feeling the highly exothermic heat from an upcoming AP Chemistry test? We can help you practice what you need to know to reach your activation energy and generate a high-energy product: an awesome exam score. Are you ready to remember (or maybe re-learn) all about enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs free energy? Or do you dread a discussion of Democritus, the Dalton model, and electron density?

Whether you’re already an ace at ionization energies or you need a little help remembering the chemical formula for water (H-two-oh-no), take our quizzes today and see how much you can boost your score: the proof is, after all, in the plum pudding model.

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    Always Soluble?

Hello everyone and welcome to “AP Ch Quiz Ch 16 Gene Regulation”, where we’ll be looking at the topic of AP Chemistry with specific reference to Gene Regulation – which is the process of controlling...

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    Which statement is NOT correct about the lac operon?

This a a multiple choice quiz covering material from Chapter 16 in Chemistry, The Central Science for AP Chemistry.

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    What is the conjugate acid of NH3?

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    Which of the following statements from Dalton’s atomic theory is no longer true, according to modern atomic theory?

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AP Chemistry Questions & Answers

What mass of carbon dioxide is produced if 54.0g of water is produced? In a combustion reaction, 46.0g of ethanol reacts with 96.0g of oxygen to produce water and carbon dioxide. 
The answer to this is 88.0 g. The amount of ethanol should be added to the amount of oxygen. This means that 46.0 grams added to 96.0 grams of oxygen will be 142 grams. From 142 grams, the 54.0 grams of water that has been produced will then be subtr
Which of the following has the correct state lable in the equation?[(aq) or (s(= means yields)do not trust the state lables on the pre net ionic equations, they may try to fool you!
My chemistry book states that SO4 IS, in fact, insoluble for Ag+. Thus, it WOULD form that Ag2SO4 (s) that is present in the first equation. So both the first and second answers are correct, because insoluble salts always form a precipitate. I disagr
What are the soluble polyatomic ions for all the given elements?
1. C2H3O2 (-)2. NO3 (-)3. ClO3 (-)4. NH4(+)5. ClO4 (-)
What would be the correct answer (with significant figures) for the following problem? 21-13.8 = ?
7Since the limiting term has no decimal places, the answer will mirror that fact. This makes your answer have NO decimal places, leaving it to be displayed simply as 7.