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If you’ve taken a course in AP Psychology, you’ve hopefully studied theories of learning and can figure out how you learn best – which is good, because you’ve got a lot of that to do before you’re ready to take and ace your AP exam. Are you in search of some help in hitting the books to cover the heaps of material the test will cover? Look no further for a solution.

We have an AP Psychology practice quizzes for you to help you review all things psychological, from personality disorders to child development, from the biology of the brain and human behavior to the history and practice of psychological research. Are you serious about starting to review? We’re ready when you are!
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    _______________ is the view that knowledge comes from experience and that science should rely on observation and experimentation.

In the following quiz you will find questions that will help you review Ch.1 & 2 for the AP Exam.  Please chose the multiple choice answer that best answers the question.

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    "I am primarily interested in thinking processes; I am a __________ psychologist."

Memory Chapter

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    Encoding that occurs with no effort or a minimal level of conscious attention in known as:

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    In an experiment, which of the folowing variables refers to the outcome that is measured by the experimenter?

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    Thinking is a synonym for...

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AP Psychology Questions & Answers

What was introspection according to John Watson in sherlock holmes series?
John Watson, the popular colleague of Sherlock Holmes had numerous theories. Many of them were grounded by valid reasoning. For him, Introspection was unscientific. Introspection means knowing your own self. This means that behaviorists like skinner
What would Jose likely to be if after sleeping for about an hour and a half, he enters a phase of paradoxical sleep?
Paradoxical sleep is a very deep sleep, sometimes referred to as REM sleep, where dreaming and rapid eye movement occurs. All your muscles are relaxed except for the muscles in and around the eyes and the diaphragm. There is intense brain activity d
What is the principle that those traits of a species that contribute to reproduction and survival are most likely to be passed on to succeeding generations? 
This principle is the field of human genetics. It was Mendel whose meticulous process of research using pea plants applied mathematical models to biological inheritance. Although some of Mendel's findings with pea plants can't be applied to humans, m
What did Freud believe was the reason for determining thoughts and actions?
When we’re talking about Freud, if the answer has the word “unconscious” in it, it’s most likely correct. In this case, the answer we want is answer B, “forces in the personality that are often unconscious.” Freud
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