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Boasting a close resemblance to Llamas and camels, Alpaca is a charming creature. Take the awesome online alpaca quizzes to learn new trivia about these animals.
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Alpacas are sometimes confused with Llamas, but they have some outstanding differences, such as the ears' size to the hair they produce. Alpacas are very gentle and have been known to die of loneliness if they are alone with...

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    How many toes do Alpacas have on each foot?

With this quiz you can find what type of alpaca you are and what type of alpaca you should date!

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    What is your idea of a perfect date?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an animal would become a monster? What if you are animal and became a monster overnight, what kind of monster would you be based on your personality? Are you an Alpaca-Sea monster or a...

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    What is your biggest pet peeve?


Alpaca Questions & Answers

How long do Alpacas live?
Alpacas have a life expectancy of about 20 years. Females reach breeding age at about 18-24 months old. Males are not potent (ready to breed) until they're at least 24 months old. When in good health, females will breed their entire lives (with a bre
How long have Alpacas been domesticated?
Alpacas have been domesticated for about 6,000 years. The Moche people of Peru have been using alpacas in their art for thousands of years. There are no known wild alpacas; all breeds are domesticated. Alpacas are too small to be used as pack animal
How many Alpacas live in the Andean Highlands?
The closest answer provided under this question is four million alpacas. However, the real answer is probably closer to three and a half million alpacas in the Andean highlands. The Andean highlands, for those not in the know, are some of the highest