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We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without a deep understanding of human behavior within a society. Everything that studies our society and the way we interact with each other in it, is a social science. So do you know enough about social sciences in order to pass this trivia?

We will question you on all the different aspects of it and all its branches. Check out a few of our sample question to get an idea: Who are the three famous people considered to be the architects of modern social science? Is Karl Popper known for rejection of classical inductivist views in favor of what? What is the goal of anthropology? Discover new aspects of human nature with the social science quizzes.
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You are welcome to this quick social science quiz. It has nine basic questions about various nations and economies. You will find out how much you do actually about the world out there. So, let's start already.

Questions: 9  |  Attempts: 30970   |  Last updated: Apr 13, 2020
  • Sample Question
    What is the concept of a developed country?

.Whether you’re studying it for college, career purposes or you’re simply curious about how the mind works when put in contact with other minds out in the world, let’s take a look at the study of social science,...

Questions: 27  |  Attempts: 461   |  Last updated: Dec 28, 2018
  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is not considered a social science?

Questions: 145  |  Attempts: 170   |  Last updated: Feb 14, 2013
  • Sample Question
       94.   Both Jones and Smith agree that the economy is in a recessionary gap. Jones proposes a tax cut. Smith couldn't agree more. Jones says that lower taxes will result in higher Real GDP. Again, Smith couldn't agree more. It follows that

History of social science is maybe not something a lot of people are familiar about, but that’s the beauty of this quiz. Shout out to the world that you’re unique and you know a lot about this!

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 614   |  Last updated: Dec 5, 2017
  • Sample Question
    The history of the social sciences has origin in the common stock of:

In this quiz based on 30 questions you may test your knowledge in methods and its links to theory and theory of science. We have created this quiz as a service to you making it possible to grasp our expectations of what you...

Questions: 30  |  Attempts: 431   |  Last updated: Mar 1, 2016
  • Sample Question
    Social research is about understanding the world as we live it. When it comes to reveal understanding by measuring things, the research work should be based in observable matters as well as in a capacity of defining variables able to say something about the issue at hand. Which one of the following combinations is to be considered empirical or systematic?

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Social Science Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Qualitative Data and Quantitative Data?
Qualitative data is a type of data collected that shows or reveals certain characteristics, properties, attributes, features, etc. of a particular phenomenon. This type of data can't be generated through measurements, and they can't be represented by
What is the concept of a developed country?
Per capita income is the concept of a developed country