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It is said that if you don’t do politics, politics will do you. Political participation is an important part of our society in many ways because it directly affects our lives and the ways in which we are able to live them. And if we want to participate, we have to know some basic stuff about politics.

Are you ready to answer a couple of questions? Here are a few samples questions: can you name three sources of political legitimacy? What values does government allocate? Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? What is a monarchy? What kind of government is the United States? Are you ready to take this challenge? Then answer all the questions right and show us how much you know about politics.

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    Authoritative government gives you an exit option

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    According to the Rule of 80, which of the following judges would be eligible to retire with full pension or with senior status?

Quiz about Political Science. It is from previous quizes.

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    Political Science is concerned with both "empirical" questions (why the world works a certain way) and "normative" or philosophical issues about what is right and wrong.

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    According to the textbook, President Bush’s use of signing statements

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    The two major roles of members of Congress are

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Political Science Questions & Answers

What type of government does U.S.A have?
Powers are divolved into different geographical units referred as conties, which are independent .the various units are not sovereign only the central government is sovereign and have overall powers.federal governments deals with matters of local imp
Does Authritative government give you an exit option?
No it doesn't. Authoritative Government is a rule of visually impaired submission to a specialist instead of the singular flexibility of thought and activity as though it’s perfect. Authoritarianism in government simply indicates any political
What was the proposal made at the Constitutional Convention for a unicameral central government with a single house legislature?
This particular description belongs to the New Jersey Plan. According to Wikipedia - which is a great way to start your research - the New Jersey Plan was a response to the Virginia Plan, which would have had one house with representation according t
How would you define politics of today?
The politics of today is still somewhat similar to the politics of yesterday. There are people who are elected to office whom others believe are not deserving. Yet, there is nothing that people can do about it. Over the past years, it has become evid
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