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    Authoritative government gives you an exit option

Quiz about Political Science. It is from previous quizes.

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    Political Science is concerned with both "empirical" questions (why the world works a certain way) and "normative" or philosophical issues about what is right and wrong.

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  • Sample Question
    According to the textbook, President Bush’s use of signing statements

In this social science quiz, we’ll be turning our attention to the particular study of political science, which concerns itself with activities, thoughts and behaviours of a political nature. What can you tell us?...

Questions: 100  |  Attempts: 371
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    One fear about majority rule in a democracy is that it could lead to

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 315
  • Sample Question
    The two major roles of members of Congress are

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Political Science Questions & Answers

What type of government does U.S.A have?
Powers are divolved into different geographical units referred as conties, which are independent .the various units are not sovereign only the central government is sovereign and have overall powers.federal governments deals with matters of local imp
Does Authritative government give you an exit option?
No it doesn't. Authoritative Government is a rule of visually impaired submission to a specialist instead of the singular flexibility of thought and activity as though it’s perfect. Authoritarianism in government simply indicates any political
Is the following statement true of false? Authoritative government gives you an exit option.
To my perspective, the Authoritative government does not give you an exit option you will be punished if you disobey.
What is the difference between absolute and constitutional government?
Absolute government is unlimited, while the constitutional government is very limited. Remember King Henry VIII, who had very few restrictions on what he could do to his people. Henry VIII was much closer to being the leader of an absolute governmen