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Got milk?! Well, we don't. However, we have quizzes that treats the subject of this baby nourishment. "What are the differences between fat free skim, low-fat (1%), reduced fat (2%), and whole milk?", "How many glasses of milk does a cow produce on average per day?", and "In what part of the world is camel milk consumed, and why is it better?".

As shown from these questions, milk is not only rich in vitamins and all sorts of nutritious content, but also in interesting facts and fun history. From the fact that before the milking device was invented, farmers could milk around six cows per hour, and today this figure has increased up to hundred cows per hour, to the fact that milk helps to deduce a fresh ink spot, these quizzes have them all.
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All Dairy products are healthy, right? Well, that’s not quite true. But on the other hand many Australians aren’t getting enough dairy in their diet. With so many myths floating around about this food group, it can be...

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    All fats are bad for you, right? Well, actually that’s not true. Which of these types of fat are in fact healthy fats? (Choose two):

Each and everyone is aware of the fact that milk has prime importance in our daily food consumption. We can't ignore the fact that milk is a primary source of nutrition for animals as well, humans. Milk contains protein and...

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    Milk is

Food micro dairy 

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    What animals can be milked?

Take this quiz to see what flavor of milk you are!!!

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    You find 40$ in the hallway you..

With quizzes becoming the most popular non-porn thing on the internet these days and Chocolate Milk Fridays a close non-porn second, let's mix them together like... well, like chocolate mixed with milk. Take this short quiz...

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Milk Questions & Answers

What is the difference between whey and casein?
Whey is absorbed in the digestive system quickly, whereas casein is absorbed slowly and steadily. Whey and casein are both dairy proteins found in milk. Whey digests quickly, which makes it ideal for workouts and muscle growth. Casein is existent in
What is the difference between Soy milk and Lactose Free Milk?
People who have lactose intolerance opt to choose soy milk and lactose-free milk over regular milk. They are both free from lactose that for some people, may cause an upset stomach or allergies. Soy milk comes from the soybean plant that is free from
What is the difference between Enfamil newborn and Enfamil infant?
While a child is given birth to, the intake of milk is very important as this helps in the growth and bones formation of a child. However, the Enfamil newborn and the Enfamil infant formula are two stages of nutrition for newly growing children, and
What is the difference between Shortening and Lard?
A lot of people usually assume that shortening and lard are the same. In fact, a lot of people may use these terms interchangeably. There is one obvious difference between the two, though. Lard comes with a taste that is very distinct. Shortening doe