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Are you a cheese lover? Are words like Camembert, Roquefort, Gouda, Emmental and Feta familiar to you? Or do you stick to mozzarella and cheddar cheese? Are you a fan of a Parmesan carpaccio? Have you ever tried a cheese fondue? Can you actually look smart when you open the cheese menu or will the waiter look down on you? Find it out with our cheese quizzes!

You will learn a lot more than names and origins. Discover which Portuguese island is famous for its cheese, if the Egyptians consumed cheese 2500 years ago and how many calories you get per portion. Add some protein and calcium to you knowledge! Nobody will ask you to say “cheese”... Your smile and fun is guaranteed! Play now!

Cheese. Yes. Most definitely. Affirmative. Positively. Incredibly. Obviously. Cheese

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    How would you describe yourself on most ocassions?

Cheese is an all time favorite to most of us but do you like cheese? If you're in doubt, take this quiz and your answers will determine how much you crave for this dairy product.

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    Do you think mouse really like cheese?

In this quiz, you will learn all about Cheese

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    In which country was cheddar cheese first produced?

Have some fun with this super trivia quiz on Cheese

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    What kind of cheese has the same name as a brand of washing machines?

Take this quiz and learn more about cheese!

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    Which cheese tastes like Romano and contains peppercorns?

Cheese Questions & Answers

How many cheeses are there?
There are thousands of types of cheese in shops and markets around the world. There are semi-soft cheeses, semi-hard cheeses, and fresh cheese, such as goat cheese, ricotta, and mascarpone. There are many types blue cheese and asiago cheese and there
How do I differentiate between mozarella and parmesan cheese?
There are a few big differences between Mozzarella and Parmesan. Before you even touch or taste the cheeses, you will smell a distinct difference. Mozzarella generally does not have a strong smell; however, Parmesan can have quite the odor. In fact,
How do I use Parmesan cheese on pizza?
Parmesan cheese is a different kind of cheese than the other cheeses. This is due to its taste or texture. It is due to how it is often used in foods. Most of the time, parmesan cheese is only sprinkled on food and it is not baked inside of food in l
How do I make cheese on my own?
You first need to get fresh milk. Try to get it as fresh as possible to get the best results. Put the milk on the stove and start warming it gently. You then need to acidify the milk by either using vinegar or citric acid. You can also acidify the ch