Ice Cream Quizzes & Trivia

Ice cream – one of the greatest treats ever invented! In its most basic form, ice cream is just milk, cream, and sugar. Over time, more ingredients and flavors were added like fruit and nuts. Can you guess how far back ice cream dates to? Research has shown that the Chinese created a form of ice cream as early as 200 BC.
Over the years, the recipe for ice cream spread throughout the world, and by the 1700’s, ice cream as we know it today was created. Can you think of some different types of ice cream inspired desserts? How about ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cake? If you love ice cream as much as we do, be sure to check out our ice cream related quizzes for more facts and trivia! 

Are you most like a tasty ice cream float, a delectable sundae, a yummy milkshake, or maybe a mouthwatering banana split? Take this test to determine which delicious ice cream treat you are most like.  

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following Sesame Street characters is your favorite?  

Find out what ice cream flavor describes you best!

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    People would describe you as...........

A pop quiz without the ‘pop’.  But don’t worry about studying, this quiz is short and sweet and isn’t for a grade.  Find out if you’re an ice cream connoisseur or a frozen desserts...

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  • Sample Question
    Which nationality is credited with inventing ice cream?

This quiz tells you your personality matched up to a flavor of ice cream. its fun to see what ice cream you are?  

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    The "Rocky Road" flavor typically consists of chocolate ice cream, almonds and which ingredient?

Take this intersting quiz is all about ice cream

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    Bennet Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, was born in which east coast city?

Ice Cream Questions & Answers

What are some of the craziest flavor of ice creams?
Ice creams have changed throughout the years. At first, the flavors included chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and some restaurants continue to only serve those flavors. However, shops that specialize in ice cream do come up with some crazy flavors.
What is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?
Ice cream and gelato are two frozen desserts, and whereby some gelato can look so similar with ice cream sometimes. Many even actually thought these two entities are the same, but they have quite some differences. The major difference between them is
What is the difference between Cream Cheese and Cream Cheeses Spread?
Cream cheese is considered to be one of the types of cheese that you can purchase. They can be flavored, or they can be plain so that you can add the flavor that you want. It is quite common for people to use actual cream cheese for baking cakes or f
Who invented ice-cream and what was their reason?
Ice cream is a sweet and frozen dessert. It was not invented by one person. It evolved from a basic mix of snow and sweet edible foods to become what it is today. According to historical records ancient Greece was the first place where mix of snow, h