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Vitamins A, B (all 8 types), C, D, E and K - these thirteen organic compounds are vital to support life. They are tied to essential body functions and deficiencies of any of these vitamins can lead to serious health problems.

So how much do you know about vitamins? Is it possible to take too many vitamins? From what foods can you get folic acid (Vitamin B9)? What foods are high in Vitamin E? What disease did sailors suffer from when they didn’t get enough Vitamin C? What birth defects are related to vitamin deficiencies? What is the maximum daily dosage of Vitamin A? Which vitamins are water-soluble and which are fat-soluble? What food did ancient Egyptians use to cure people with night blindness, who we now know were suffering from a Vitamin A deficiency? What Polish biochemist coined the term “vitamin”? If you’ve got the nutritional knowledge, take a taste of our vitamin quizzes!

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  • Vitamins
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  • Water-soluble vitamins
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  • Fat-soluble vitamins
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  • Which of the following foods contains the most calcium?

  • One banana contains what percent of our recommended daily allowance for potassium?

  • Which fat-soluble vitamin is manufactured by the body when exposed to UV light?

  • (Beta-carotene): Spinach & other dark, leafy greens; broccoli; deep orange fruits & vegetables are good sources for what vitamin?
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  • Toxicity of what vitamin causes: Raised blood calcium, calcification of blood vessels & heart tissues, calcification of tooth soft tissues, thinning of tooth enamel, excessive thirst, headaches, irritability, loss of appetite, weakness, nausea, kidney stones, calcification of soft tissues (kidneys, lungs, joints), and mental & physical retardation of offspring?
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  • Functions: mineralization of bones (raises blood calcium & phosphorus via absorption from digestive tract & by withdrawing calcium from bones & stimulating retention by kidneys).
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