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The king of the jungle has always captivated observers, and held channel ratings for National Geographic. Now is your chance to find out if all that time spent watching the documentaries about Africa and the like really paid off. In these trivia quizzes, depart on a safari to test your knowledge and expand your horizons.

You never know what you’ll find as you cruise through the jungle and learn a little bit more about the lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Be sure to invite your friends along for the ride, and hear their roar of frustration as you beat their score on the lion quizzes!

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    You are born. Congrats! What is your first desire?

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    Lions can run at a rate of up to ___ miles per hour.

Test your knowledge about lions!

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    How many species of lions are there?

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Lion Questions & Answers

Which country has the most lions in the world?
The correct answer is Tanzania. Tanzania has the most lions in the world. Research shows that there are over 15,000 Lions in Tanzania. Tanzania is a country located in Eastern part of Africa with large wilderness area. It is also home to large number
How fast can a lion run?
Lions are known for having a mane, but they can still run fast. During the day, the lions will walk for a couple of hours and eat for about an hour. The lions usually eat other meat including zebras, buffalo, and wild boar. Even though they can eat l
What is the difference between Cougar and Mountain lion?
Cougars and mountain lions are both animals that belong to the Felidae family. These two names are actually referring to the same animal depending on the region in which they are found. This animal has several names, which are listed thus; puma, coug
What is a young lion called?
A young lion is often called a cub. This falls in line with bears and a few other mammals that are referred to as cubs when they’re younger by humans. This particular species of animal is considered to be threatened by humans and close to endan