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  • Which country has the most lions in the world?
    Which country has the most lions in the world?
    The correct answer is Tanzania. Tanzania has the most lions in the world. Research shows that there are over 15,000 Lions in Tanzania. Tanzania is a country located in Eastern part of Africa with large wilderness area. It is also home to large numbers of Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards and Buffalos. Other countries with many Lions include: Mozambique, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Central Republic of Africa, Botswana, Zambia and India. Most lions are found in Africa as Africa is the home to the largest number of Lions in the globe. Hope you find this information useful.

  • How fast can a lion run?
    How fast can a lion run?
    Lions are known for having a mane, but they can still run fast. During the day, the lions will walk for a couple of hours and eat for about an hour. The lions usually eat other meat including zebras, buffalo, and wild boar. Even though they can eat larger animals, they still stay away from those that are adults including elephants, hippos and rhinos. Since the lion weights about 400 to 450 pounds depending on whether the lion is male or female, it can attack violently. In order to capture the prey who will most likely be trying to escape, the lion can run about 80 kilometers per hour. With this speed, the prey will need to find other methods in order to avoid being the lion’s dinner.

  • What is the difference between Cougar and Mountain lion?
    What is the difference between Cougar and Mountain lion?
    Mountain Lions and Cougars are the names given to the same animal, but they are of different locations. The Felidae is the family where the cougars or the mountain lions are originated. It has made a record in the “Guinness” book due to the number of names it has acquired. Some of the most common names of cougars are a puma, panther, mountain cat, mountain lion, and mountain screamer. The mountain lion is widely distributed and found in a vast range, and so, it has many names. The mountain lions have a plain coloring because of which they acquired the name ‘‘concolor’’. The Cougars have deep baritone growls. The Cougars are efficient and effective predators that hunt down their prey. They stalk and ambush their prey before finally hunting them down. Also, Cougars are unsocial because they are solitary animals. Conclusively, “Cougar” and “Mountain lion” are the same animal, but the names are different because they are distributed in a wide range, and people refer to them with varying names concerning their locations.

  • What is a young lion called?
    What is a young lion called?
    A young lion is often called a cub. This falls in line with bears and a few other mammals that are referred to as cubs when they’re younger by humans. This particular species of animal is considered to be threatened by humans and close to endangered. The main cause of this decline isn’t really known. However, there is conclusive proof that habitat loss due to human activities is partly to blame. There are other human activities that have been adding to this loss. There has been a full forty-three percent decline in lion populations lately, and that’s simply in their known areas of habitation. Other than the population issues, the lion is well recognized by the mane the males have around their heads. These are often full and fluffy.

  • How many species of lions are there?
    How many species of lions are there?
    There are seven species of lions in the world. The first kind of species of lions is the North African lion. Unfortunately, this lion is close to being wiped off the earth due to so many hunters killing these North Africa lions. The West African lion and it is also endangered due to hunters. It can be found mainly in Sierra Leone, Mali and countries in this area. The Asiatic lion is close to being extinct and can be found in India. Cape lions live in South Africa. They are named due to their location of living at the Cape of Good Hope. The Central African lion are located in the countries of Congo and Gabon, to name a few. The Masai lion is located in Africa and the Uganda lion is located in Uganda.

  • What sounds don't mountain lions make?
    What sounds don't mountain lions make?
    The mountain lion is also known as the cougar. They live in South America and many other areas in North America. They are quite heavy and weigh quite a bit compared to other cats. They are more active at night. In order to attack their prey, these animals will pounce on the unsuspecting prey and violently kill it. The mountain lion’s behavior has been tracked by scientists. These animals create different sounds. They do not roar like a lion. Instead they purr when they are happy or content. Then they also will hiss and growl to either warn or go into attack mode. These animals are also quite territorial. They will mark their territory with their waste or scratching to denote that this is their territory.

  • How tall large is a full-grown male lion?
    How tall large is a full-grown male lion?
    The lion is a big cat. Unfortunately, due to hunters and poachers, the population of lions has decreased throughout the decades. Lions are known for having a circular head and a mane surrounding it. Tigers actually weight more than lions. They also are bigger than lions. The color of a lion can be different from other lions. Most are a yellowish-brown, but others can be gray. When a lion is born, it does not have the mane. Instead, the mane develops at about 6 months old. Lions weight about 450 pounds on average. Most African lions average about 6 ½ feet in length. Although due to the different types of lions in the world, their length and weight for a male lion can vary quite a bit.

  • How long is the gestation of a lion?
    How long is the gestation of a lion?
    A lion is considered to be the king of the jungle. He dominates many of the other animals around. His large size allow him to become a deadly predator. Most lionesses give birth to at least one young by the time she has reached four years old. Lionesses may give birth to as many as four cubs at one time after her gestation period of a little over 100 days. The lioness will take care of the cubs as well as find food. Once the cub can see, they are still trying to find their way around. Usually, the lioness must do everything for her cubs during the first few weeks. However, the cubs will start moving around after a few days.

  • What is the difference between Lions and Tigers?
    What is the difference between Lions and Tigers?
    One of the most apparent distinctions between lions and tigers is their coat. The lion is tan, with a long dark mane and a tiger is orange with brown or black stripes on its body. Tigers can tend to be larger than lions, and a full-grown male tiger can outweigh a lion by as much as 100 pounds. Lions and tigers are both classified as cats, and they are both carnivores. A lion's habitat range is in Africa and India. A tiger's habitat range is from South India to Bangladesh, Southeast, and Eastern Asia. Lion's may have a large brain, but tigers have an even bigger mind. The lifespan of a lion is twelve years, while the lifespan of a tiger is fifteen to twenty years.

  • What word is not associated with lions?
    What word is not associated with lions?

  • When is inventory due?
    When is inventory due?
    Set up, first Sunday, & wrap up

  • What is the daily sales goal?
    What is the daily sales goal?
    $2000-$2500 per day