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A short testt of the system using knowledge management as a base

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    What is knowledge?

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     If one of the cycle process, misses the SLA then the steps which are required to be followed:

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    In the context of cognitive hierarchy what information is analyzed to provide meaning and value, or evaluated as to implications for the operation?

Knowledge Management Questions & Answers

Which of the following best describes QA? You are the project manager for the BBB Project. Stacy, a project team member,   is confused about what QA is.
A. QA is quality assurance for the overall project performance.A. QA is concerned with overall project quality performance. B, C, and D are incorrect because they do not correctly explain quality assurance.
You are the project manager for the KOY Project, which requires quality that   maps to federal guidelines. During a quality audit, you discover that a portion  of the project work is faulty and...
C. Cost of nonconformanceC. When project work results are faulty and must be done over, it is attributed to the cost of nonconformance to quality. A, B, and D are all incorrect. These values do not describe faulty work or the cost of nonconformance
You are an IT project manager and are working with the project team to determine the best computer system for the project. You and the project team decide to measure the performance of both...
1. b. benchmarking-16. a project manager has elected not to enforce safety measures on his construction project. one of the project team members has been injured because of this oversight, and the job site is closed until an investigation into
A project manager has elected not to enforce safety measures on his construction    project. One of the project team members has been injured because of this    oversight, and the job site is...
Cost of poor quality-c. this is an example of the cost of poor quality. the project manager should have followed the safety measures for the job site, and costs associated with the safety measures are considered part of d, the cost of quality. a is