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The organization needs you now more than ever. It needs you to establish knowledge management as an effective part of our business and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our workers. This will not be an easy task. You will have to face a number of questions before even getting close to solving this issue.

Here are a few examples of what you will be up against: Knowledge management refers to a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organizational objectives by making what? Since when has knowledge management been an established discipline? KM efforts overlap with organizational learning but how may these two be distinguished from each other? Manage all the knowledge and make it to the top spot. Are you the right person for this job?
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A short testt of the system using knowledge management as a base

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    What is knowledge?

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    In the context of cognitive hierarchy what information is analyzed to provide meaning and value, or evaluated as to implications for the operation?

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     If one of the cycle process, misses the SLA then the steps which are required to be followed:

Just a quick quiz to give you some offline practice as searching the knowledge base.

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    If a consumer calls in and states "I am worried my baby is spitting up your formula", how would you respond?

Emtala knowledge

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    What is EMTALA stand for


Knowledge Management Questions & Answers

Which of the following best describes QA? You are the project manager for the BBB Project. Stacy, a project team member,   is confused about what QA is.
A. QA is quality assurance for the overall project performance.A. QA is concerned with overall project quality performance. B, C, and D are incorrect because they do not correctly explain quality assurance.
What are some recommended Knowledge Management tools for an enterprise?
If you are looking out for the best knowledge management tool, here are a few I can suggest. ProProfs Knowledge Base - It offers powerful features and also integrates beautifully with various third-party tools like Salesforce Desk, Olark, Wufoo,
Are there some good personal knowledge management tools?
Yes, you will find various knowledge base tools for internal or personal use. In my knowledge, these are some of the best ones: ProProfs Knowledge Base software Helpjuice Freshdesk Knowledgeowl Zendesk I feel these are th
You are the project manager for the KOY Project, which requires quality that   maps to federal guidelines. During a quality audit, you discover that a portion  of the project work is faulty and...
C. Cost of nonconformanceC. When project work results are faulty and must be done over, it is attributed to the cost of nonconformance to quality. A, B, and D are all incorrect. These values do not describe faulty work or the cost of nonconformance
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