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    Which number is a multiple of 6?

Year 9&10 initial test on expanding and factorsing

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    Expand 2x(x-9)

When it comes to multiplication, the easiest is when you are required to multiply by 10 or multiples of 10. Multiply by factors of 10 quizzes below will give you good training to becoming excellent on the subject.

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In this quiz you will be taking is based on Factors and Factoring. Visit if you need any help!

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  • Sample Question
    A factor is the answer to a multiplication question?

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Factor Questions & Answers

What does HCF stand for?
HCF is a term that is commonly used in math. This stands for Highest Common Factor, and this is something that you look for when you need to check out the different factors of two numbers that are being compared. For example, the highest common facto
What is the common factor of 60 and 90?
30 is the correct answer to this question. The greatest common factor is commonly referred to as GCF or as a divisor. It is the largest integer that is common between the numbers and is positive. It is the last one that is without a remainder. To ide