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Three tons heavy, great memory, herbivore all the way. It can only mean one thing: our Elephant quizzes are ready to stir up the savannah! Are you as witty and wise as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the land world? Test your skills and love of elephants with questions ranging from “How fast can an elephant run?”,

“What’s the gestation period of a female elephant?”, and “What are poachers looking for in an elephant?” to “How many are left in Africa?” and “What’s the longest time an elephant can remember faces?”. You’ll be amazed at all the things these gentle giants have to offer. Now it’s your turn to give something back by achieving a high score in this one-of-a kind challenge.

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  • The bumper sticker on my car says...

  • In my wallet you will find...

  • My favorite hobby is...

  • The three subspecies are recognized as E.m Maximus and?

  • Asia Elephant have been labeled endangered species since?

  • The last population has declined to at least 50 percent over the last three generations, estimated to be?

  • An elephant must consume about how many percentage of its weight in forage daily?  
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  • Elephants sleep up to how many hours in a day? 
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  • An elephant carries a pregnancy for how many months? 
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  • African elephants are the _______________ mammals that live on land.
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  • An African elephants ears are shaped like what continent?
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  • Which of these do elephants NOT eat?
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