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  • What is the feminine name of a bullock?
    What is the feminine name of a bullock?
    Many people recognize cows or cattle when they see them on the side of the road. However, not many people know that certain cows and bulls have certain names depending on a number of factors. These factors include their gender, size and whether or not they have been castrated or not. By definition, a bovine is a more general term for cattle. A bull is a male cow that has not been castrated. A heifer is a male bull that has been castrated. A baby cow is a calf. Different cows and cattle serve different purposes as well. Any of them can be slaughtered for their beef. Only dairy cattle give milk and they usually give milk in large amounts.

  • How many species of cow are there?
    How many species of cow are there?
    Actually, the word 'cow' properly includes the adult female of various species, such as moose, elephants and sea lions, but you probably mean our most common bovine when you ask about the cow. They are the most common domesticated ungulate (hoofed) and are found all over the world: India, China, South America have the most. Basically, all species of cow come from the two main types: hump backed and without hump. Cattle breeds are numerous, probably around 800, and if you would like to see a long variety of them, try out the International Cattle site. To be more specific, you might want to look just at dairy cattle or just at beef cattle. They are different lists of types and it's quite nice to get a poster with pictures of each breed.

  • Why is cow considered a holy animal in Hinduism?
    Why is cow considered a holy animal in Hinduism?
    In Hinduism, cows are thought to be sacred and well respected. Especially in Nepal, cows are held in high esteem and are worshipped during Tihar. This is because Hindus are known to be vegeterians and they consider cows to be sacred and a symbol of life that should be reverened. Cows are sacred due to their agricultural use and their calm nature. Hindus see cows as maternal figure because they are a source many products – milk (source of food), dung (as fertilizer) and urine (as disinfectant) A product from cow known as “ghee” (clarified butter) is used for Yajna, which is the fire worship and the highest form of worship for Hindus. This further adds spiritual relevance of cows to the Hindus.

  • Is cow milk really good for babies?
    Is cow milk really good for babies?
    Using milk for babies, in particular cows milk, has to be done with a certain caution. While there are some that can handle the dairy with no issues, there are many who will experience a little discomfort. When visiting a pediatrician, the recommended age for cow's milk to be introduced to an infant's diet is not until they have reached between 12-14 months, as this allows for their digestive system to fully develop, and handle the many different nutrients that are in the milk. However, when given the green-light to introduce this, it can help to build a strong system, as they continue to grow. Before this age, there are other products that can be used. Many different formulas have proteins, if you are using these. Otherwise, the milk supplied by the mother is sufficient to produce all the nutrients needed, until the infant is old enough to handle a more solid and substantial diet.

  • How much does it cost to own a cow in India?
    How much does it cost to own a cow in India?
    (1) Gir: Basically this breed is from Gujarat, but also found in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Gir cows give a good quantity of milk. Milk yield ranges from 1200-1800 kgs per lactation. Gir cow costs between Rs 50,00 to over Rs 1.5 lakh. (2) Red Sindhi: Mainly this breed is from Karachi and Hyderabad Milk yield ranges from 1250 to 1800 kgs per lactation. (3) Sahiwal: This is a native cow from Pakistan. The average milk yield of this breed is between 1400 and 2500 kgs per lactation. Sahiwal cow costs between Rs 35,00 to 60,000. (4) Kankrej: Mainly This breed is from Gujarat. They are fast and powerful cattle cows are good milkers, yielding about 1400 kgs per lactation. (5) HF: This breed is originated from Dutch in North Holland. HF cow milk per day 40-45 liters/day. Milk yield 7200-9000 kg/per year approximately. You can buy Buy Hf Cow around Rs 40,000 - 45,000. (6) Jersey: The Jersey cow is one of the oldest dairy breeds. Jersey cow milk per day 30-35 liter/day. You can buy Buy Hf Cow around Rs 40,000 - 50,000.

  • What is a young female cow called?
    What is a young female cow called?
    A young female cow is called a heifer. Heifers are usually younger than other cows on the field, and they typically have only had two calves at this point. A heifer that only has one calf is called a “first-calf heifer” and they are often given more to care for. Unfortunately, they are still subject to the horrible practices that the meat and leather industries use. A heifer can be slaughtered for her meat - which is what we would call veal at this point - or for her skin. Sometimes both. Cow leather is the most common leather around, and since cow skin can only grow so fast and cover so much, there is a lot of demand for it. This means a lot cow skins from cows slaughtered for meat are often used for their skins too.

  • How long is a cows cycle?
    How long is a cows cycle?
    The cycle that is being referred to in this question is the estrous cycle of the cattle. This means that those who are in heat will be more sexually receptive. For cattle owners who would like their cows to become pregnant, this is the best period to make it happen. This cycle is known to last for 21 days which means that the answer to this question is letter D. A standard cow may be mounted from 20 – 55 times. It would depend on the cattle owner too. The mount can last for a very long time. The longest will be at about 7 seconds which is not very long especially when compared to other animals.

  • What is the vedic and right process to make butter from cow milk?
    What is the vedic and right process to make butter from cow milk?
    There are different things that you can do to make butter. It may not seem possible but you can make butter out of cow’s milk. The first thing that you need to do is to get the curd from the whole milk. You can then churn the curd with the use of your own hands. There is no need for you to get a machine just to make butter. If people before were able to use their own hands, there is no reason why you cannot do it now. Correctly made butter is meant to make a lot of changes with the body. It will have the tendency to strengthen your immune system so you can avoid auto-immune disorders.

  • What percentage of cows are normally affected with mastitis?
    What percentage of cows are normally affected with mastitis?
    According to statistics, it is letter D that holds the correct answer. There are about 13% of cows that are affected by Mastitis. Take note that there are times when the percentage can be more depending on the year and the number of cows that were tested and reported for this condition. The farmer should be quick to detect if the cow is suffering from mastitis so that it can be diagnosed by the vet immediately. This way, the appropriate medications can be given to make the cow become better. Take note that the milk of dairy cows that will be acquired while the cows have this condition cannot be sold. They would need to be discarded until the cow is well enough to not take medications anymore.

  • What percentage of dairy cows are lame each season?
    What percentage of dairy cows are lame each season?
    Lameness is something that may be experienced by dairy cows from all over the world. There are some areas that are affected more than others. Lameness affects cows that are being held in poor living conditions. These are cows that are not given enough food and are not comfortable at all. There are some that are so malnourished that they can barely stand after some time. It is best to learn more about the dairy cows that are available and where the milk is from. Those that are well-bred may offer more efficient milk. Take note that dairy cows are meant to produce a significant amount of milk for 3 years. After 3 years, they would be slaughtered to take advantage of their meat.

  • What are the parts to a cows stomach?
    What are the parts to a cows stomach?
    A cow’s stomach has four parts: the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. The rumen is the largest part of the cow’s stomach which can hold up to fifty gallons of partially digested food. It contains good bacteria called enzyme that helps in softening and digesting the food which in turn provides protein for the cow. The process of digestion can take up to 15 to 48 hours. It is chewed, swallowed, spewed up and swallowed again until it becomes soft enough to move to the second part of the stomach. The reticulum is considered to be the hardware of a cow’s stomach, because it traps whatever food the cow should not have eaten in this part of the stomach. This is also where grass is softened further to become small wads of cud. The omasum acts as the filter of the food wherein cuds are further broken down. Abomasum is where the digestion process ends. This is where all the nutrients that a cow needs are passed through the bloodstream while the rest is passed through the intestines.

  • Why can't cows lay eggs?
    Why can't cows lay eggs?
    Cows don't lay eggs because they are mammals. Just like us humans, cows give birth. Cows birth process is called calving. A cow is pregnant for approximately 280 days. To deliver their calf, a cow goes through three stages. First, their cervix dilates, which can take two to six hours. The cow will be uneasy, while the calf's head and feet begin to enter the birth canal. The abdominal will then strain and start the delivery process. Delivering the calf takes about one and a half to two hours. This process is just like a human delivery a baby, where the cervix must be dilated, and then the delivery process starts.

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