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Large head, strong legs, broad chest- Buffalo is a majestic animal existing on planet earth. Find out a variety of online buffalo quizzes here to learn some interesting trivia about this illustrious creature.

Think you know Buffalo? Test your wits on this Buffalo quiz to see if you are a true Buffalonian!

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    Buffalo was founded in the year

The African Buffalo is very determined to defend its territory and its herd from hunters. If it is hunted it can run then circle back to attack its hunter. What more do you know about the defense mechanisms this buffalo uses?...

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    Buffalo have extremely sharp senses of

The Indigenous Buffalo Breeds are also known as the water breed. They are the present day domesticated buffaloes. They are the descendants of the Bos Arni. These Buffalo have helped increased milk production in the world. These...

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    The indigenous buffalo breeds can be found in which country?

How much do you know about our great city of Buffalo? Take this quiz and find out!

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    What year did the Broadway Market open?

I D K N I D C. Yes, that means something. Figure it out.

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    One day a kid from your class that you think is cute asks you out... but she isn't that smart.

Buffalo Questions & Answers

How did early Native Americans hunt buffalo?
The Native Americans found the buffalo to be one of the most useful animals for them. They have used the skin of the buffalo to create different things. They cannot kill all buffalos because they used the buffalo dung as fuel so that they can create
How does the Blackfoot legend say that the buffalo began?
The answer to this is letter B. The Blackfoot legends say that the buffalo was born beneath a lake. When the buffalos were born, everything seemed fine but the problem started when the buffalo killed humans by hooking them with their long horns. Acco
Which is not a traditional Buffalo Wings side?
There may be a lot of sauces and sides that people use when they are eating buffalo wings. Some are more common than the others. The uncommon sauce out of the choices that are available is Italian dressing. This sauce is already considered to be a bi
Which is not a traditional Buffalo wing sauce ingredient?
The answer to this is molasses. This is not considered to be a typical wing sauce ingredient. It is possible that someone has tried it already. It would depend on people’s taste. There are some who would like their buffalo wings sauce to be a b