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  • How did early Native Americans hunt buffalo?
    How did early Native Americans hunt buffalo?
    The Native Americans found the buffalo to be one of the most useful animals for them. They have used the skin of the buffalo to create different things. They cannot kill all buffalos because they used the buffalo dung as fuel so that they can create fire. The horns and the hooves of the buffalo were crafted and these were made into cups. All parts of the buffalo can be used. Some parts are even used in order t make glue. There is no part of the buffalo that was wasted. Hunting was considered to be a complicated task. They would need to hunt it first then lure it into a trap wherein it would be killed. A lot of Native Americans used to say a prayer before killing the buffalo.

  • How does the Blackfoot legend say that the buffalo began?
    How does the Blackfoot legend say that the buffalo began?
    The answer to this is letter B. The Blackfoot legends say that the buffalo was born beneath a lake. When the buffalos were born, everything seemed fine but the problem started when the buffalo killed humans by hooking them with their long horns. According to the legend, the creator saw this and decided that there is nothing right about that scenario. It was then decided that there are some things that will be changed. From that time on, it was humans who started to kill buffalos. This may explain why human beings are considered to be the strongest mammals. They have the power to kill other animals on earth. It will be ideal if humans would not abuse this right that much.

  • Which is not a traditional Buffalo Wings side?
    Which is not a traditional Buffalo Wings side?
    There may be a lot of sauces and sides that people use when they are eating buffalo wings. Some are more common than the others. The uncommon sauce out of the choices that are available is Italian dressing. This sauce is already considered to be a bit sour. Buffalo wings are usually a bit sour too. Some are not too fond of eating food products that are too sour so they would rather choose a different type of sauce that will balance the sour taste of the buffalo wings. A lot of people prefer the blue cheese dressing because they enjoy the distinct taste of blue cheese along with the buffalo wings. Take note that celery can be used as a side when you are eating hot wings.

  • Which is not a traditional Buffalo wing sauce ingredient?
    Which is not a traditional Buffalo wing sauce ingredient?
    The answer to this is molasses. This is not considered to be a typical wing sauce ingredient. It is possible that someone has tried it already. It would depend on people’s taste. There are some who would like their buffalo wings sauce to be a bit sweet. There is a version of molasses that is used in baking and this may be the version that people use too if in case they would like to try including it in their buffalo sauce. Some people do not realize that vinegar is also added to the sauce. It is responsible for putting a bit of acid on the sauce to make the buffalo wings taste great.

  • What is the difference between Bison and Buffalo?
    What is the difference between Bison and Buffalo?
    Bison and buffalo are two animals that roam in the Midwest. They look very similar and are often confused for one another. The buffalo is probably the term used more often to describe both of these animals. Many Native Americans hunted buffalo in the west, and the word used to describe the animals that they used for clothing and shelter was buffalo and not bison. The buffalo is longer, and the bison is sharper. The buffalo came from Asia and Africa, whereas ironically the bison came from North America, South America, and Europe. There are far more buffalo walking around the world compared to bison. The bison only has two million in population and one hundred fifty million buffalo.

  • What were the women's responsibilities once the buffalo had been killed?
    What were the women's responsibilities once the buffalo had been killed?
    The women s responsibilities were to skin and butcher the buffalo, preserve the meat, and tan the hides.

  • Why did the Plains Indians give up on farming and fishing?
    Why did the Plains Indians give up on farming and fishing?
    They wanted to follow and hunt the buffalo herds instead.

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