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Liquid Fuels Maintenance JourneymanCDC 3E451Volume 4: Operation and Maintenance of Mechanical System Components

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    (601) How many basic designs of gate valves are there?

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    (401) What wall thicknesses are available in copper tubing for drinking water?

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    (401) What positions are on the pump control switch?

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    (001) What term describes the temperature at which a liquid actively starts to vaporize?

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    (201) What does the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) determine the type, size, and number of fuel tanks needed at each base are?

3e451 Questions & Answers

What will fuel pipeline markings be color coded in accordance with?
MILITARY STANDARD Identification Methods for Bulk Petroleum Products Systems Including Hydrocarbon Missile MIL-STD-161G, dated 25 August 2005, has been reviewed and determined to be valid for use in acquisition.
Which of the following is the correct formula for determining the mechanical advantage of the wheel and axle?
Its Weel / Radius of the Axle, the answer to that equasion is the mec. advantage