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Are you interested in the information and communications technology industry? Are you a professional pursuing excellence? If you are one of these, you should start thinking about becoming a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). If you aren’t much familiar with this career path then you should take these quizzes and learn the way to go ahead with RCDD. If you know a thing or two about becoming an RCDD but aren’t sure if you’re ready to pursue becoming one, these quizzes will help you assess your contemporary preparation levels and tell you whether you’re ready or not.

What are four main advantages of becoming an RCDD? Why is an RCDD critical in the design building process? True or false: The RCDD is a Department of Defense requirement. What must you possess to sit for the RCDD credential? In the context of the RCDD, what does design include? What is the RCDD based on? See how many answers you can get right and take these quizzes now!

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