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The process of production refers to the various steps or phases required before a media is completed as a product. Production starts with an idea and ends with a master copy. The steps or phases involved are always similar regardless of the nature of the media i.e. movie, video, audio or TV. The steps in production are: pre-production, which involves the presentation of the idea, planning, writing the script, and creating the storyboard. Finally there’s the production, which is the actual recording or shooting; and post-production which finalizes the copy created during production to make it ideal for broadcasting or showing.

Among the many notable production companies are 21st Century Fox (previously 20th Century Fox), DreamWorks Animation, Universal Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Can you name other production companies? Do you know the highest grossing movies and their production company? Interested in how movies are produced? Take these quizzes and learn more.

The PPC or production possibility curve/ frontier is a presumptive depiction of the different conceivable combinations of two goods that can be produced within the given available resource. This quiz has around twelve questions...

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    Which of the following best describes the three fundamental economic questions?

Find out how much you know about production methods used in the textiles industry. Useful revision for the GCSE Textiles exam. If you don't know an answer look it up on

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    One off production is also known as:

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    What does a camera person do?


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    One a bright sunny day the filter on the camera should be set to which filter?

Pro Tools 210P practice test (Mac User Commands Only) Pro Tools 8 HD

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    In order for Pro Tools|HD-series hardware system to synchronize to an external timecode source, they require an external timecode synchronization peripheral, such as a Digidesign SYNC I/O or SYNC HD. (True or False)

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Production Questions & Answers

Which of the following best describes the three fundamental economic questions?
D- What to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce?
How much of the average total cost is made up of variable costs? A firm producing 7 units of output has an average total cost of Rs. 150 and has to pay Rs.350 to its fixed factors of production...
Whenever a company is selling a product, there are different costs associated with that one product. The owner must determine how much that product costs them to make or procure. However, there are other costs associated with that product. These inc
Which statement is correct about product marketing?
A. Marginal product refers to the change in output that occurs when the input has been changed. An example would be producing more containers in a factory when an additional worker is added to the line. The average product refers to the output when