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Electronic payment is a mode of conducting transactions that does not require use of cash. Over time, there have been several different aspects of it and the E-payment quiz below has more. Enjoy and all the best.

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  • Sample Question
    What is e-payment? 

Answer questions regarding: checking or savings account payments over the phone. credit and debit card payments over the phone. recurring payments. payments using MoneyGram, Western Union, American Payment Systems,...

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    What are the 2 main actions in taking a checking or savings account payments over the phone?

Continue answering  questions on Processing Payments part 2.

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    It is used to identify the account that the payment should post to and it has no cash value.

.Please choose your best answer.GOOD LUCK!

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    ____________________ serves as a bridge between the Collection and Payment Card and Fund Card.

This quiz contains 5 questions. Please choose the correct answers. 

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    Progress Payments are payments made based on the cost incurred by the contractors as work progresses under the contract.

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What is the difference between Annuity and Pension?
Annuity and Pension are both financial entitlements and benefits due to a person in consideration of past services. Both packages are planned for workers towards their retirement. Most people do not know there are some differences between annuity and
What is the difference between Earn and Urn?
Some may get confused with earn and urn because they sound the same. These two words may be considered as homonyms, but their meanings are completely different. Earn means “to gain.” For example, you may say, “I need to work in orde
What is the difference between Visa and Maestro?
Visa and maestro are both cards that are acceptable and used throughout the whole world. These cards can be used for cashless transactions, whereby you move around with your money ‘in a card’ without even having anything in your pocket to