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The OSI model is one of the most well-known conceptual models that characterizes and standardizes the internal functions of a communication system by partitioning it into abstraction layers. But there are many more things about the OSI model that might not know yet. Our OSI model trivia will ask you some of the most difficult questions when it comes to the OSI model.

Check out a few sample questions for now: The model groups communication functions into how many layers? A layer serves which other layer? Two instances at one layer are connected by a horizontal connection on what? The concept of a seven layer model was provided by the work of whom? Get all the answers right and show us you know everything about the OSI model.
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The International Standards Organization (ISO) developed the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model which divides network communication into seven layers. Layers 1-4 are considered the lower layers and mostly concern themselves...

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    How many OSI layers are there?

This quiz will evaluate your knowledge of the OSI Model. Please respond all the questions. The total amount of time to take the quiz is 30 minutes for a total of 6 questions.

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     The upper layers of the OSI model are, in correct order -

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    The OSI reference model is a seven-layer reference model that originated from the

This is your description.

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    Which layers of the OSI model are referenced in the 802.11 standard? (choose two)

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    ROM is defined as


OSI Model Questions & Answers

How many layers can provide error detection and correction in OSI model?
Error detection is done both by data link and transport layers, but error correction is done only at the transport layer. So the answer is 1. In information and coding theory with applications in computer science and telecommunications. Many communi
Does encapsulation occur at all of the layers?
1. F, FalseFalse. Headers are not added at the physical layer as this is the raw bits on the wire.
Which layer manages the reliable transfer of data from host to host (or end to end) in OSI model?
There is some confusion about the proper answer to this question namely with letters A and E. These two types of layers are responsible for transporting data from end to end but there are some slight differences with the two. The network layer will d
What are the two layers of the Data Link layer?
The data link layer is traditionally broken into two sub-layers: mac sub-layer: (media access control) the layer that organizes networked devices by a unique mac address. every networked device has a unique mac address assigned by the manufacturer. l
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