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The brain is a small part of the human body but whose direct and indirect effects on the body are extensive. The same applies when it comes to its study. The Neuro exam below quiz 2 has more.

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    Observinng patient's behavior and activities?

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    A patient with daytime sleepiness is sent to a sleep lab for analysis. Just after midnight, the EEG records K complexes and sleep spindles. What stage of sleep is being recorded?

Time to get ready for finals!!!

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    A term used to describe a closed head injury in which there is brief disruption in level of conscienceness, amnesia regarding the occurance, and headache.

Stuff from the neuro muscular section. . .

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    The most common permanent disability in children.

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    The telangiectatic vessels in LHON leak on FFA.

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Neuro Questions & Answers

What is an example of abstract reasoning?
Abstract reasoning is the ability to analyze information, detect patterns, and solve problems on complex intangible levels. Everything is not concrete and able to be seen, felt, or heard. Often things must be thought about in an abstract way. Some of
Which of the following tracts or fiber bundles damaging in the pons or medulla would most likely explain this observation? A 67-year-old woman is brought to the emergency department. She is...
Hypothalamo spinal fibers-in addition to other signs or symptoms, lesions in lateral areas of the brainstem may also interrupt hypothalamo-spinal fibers descending from the hypothalamus to the inter-mediolateral cell column in upper thoracic levels o
Which benzo is a good choice for a patient suffering from sleep insomnia with daytime anxiety?
Insomnia is a condition where patients are unable to sleep and lie awake in bed for hours. It is a disease and often needs medicines to lull the brain into seeping. There are different stages of insomnia that are treated differently. Benzodiazepines
Which of the following portions of the ventricular system does not contain choroid plexus?
A is the answer to this question. The Cerebral Aqueduct does not have a choroid plexus. If you are not aware of what a choroid plexus is, this is something continuous that will go from the atrium to the body of the ventricle. The choroid plexus is i
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