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The brain is a small part of the human body but whose direct and indirect effects on the body are extensive. The same applies when it comes to its study. The Neuro exam below quiz 2 has more.

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    Observinng patient's behavior and activities?

Time to get ready for finals!!!

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    A term used to describe a closed head injury in which there is brief disruption in level of conscienceness, amnesia regarding the occurance, and headache.

The human brain comprises of 60% of fat and is one of the fattest organs in the human body weighing 3 pounds. It is responsible for most of our body`s functions. How much do you know about the parts and functions of the...

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    A 68~year-old woman is brought to the emergency department by her godson. He explains that she unexpectedly began to have sudden movements of her left arm. The examination reveals a slender woman with hypertension and periodic, uncontrollable flailing movements of her left upper extremity suggestive of hemiballismus. Assuming this resulted from vascular occlusion, MRI would most likely show an infarction in which of the following structures?

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    A patient with daytime sleepiness is sent to a sleep lab for analysis. Just after midnight, the EEG records K complexes and sleep spindles. What stage of sleep is being recorded?

Stuff from the neuro muscular section. . .

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    The most common permanent disability in children.

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Neuro Questions & Answers

What is an example of abstract reasoning?
Abstract reasoning is the ability to analyze information, detect patterns, and solve problems on complex intangible levels. Everything is not concrete and able to be seen, felt, or heard. Often things must be thought about in an abstract way. Some of
What are the collection of posterior and anterior roots that occupy the lumbar cistern collectively known as?
Cauda equine-as they descend in the dural sac from their origin from the spinal cord to their exit at their respective intervertebral foramen, the anterior and posterior roots form the caudaequina. The conus medullaris is the most caudal end of the s
What are the symptoms of a neurological disease?
Corticospinal fibers-a medullary lesion that results in weakness of the extremities on one side indicates involvement of the corti-cospinal fibers located in the pyramid on the contralateral side; these fibers largely cross in the pyramidal (motor) d
Which type of Apolipoprotein E phenotypes increases the risk of Alzheimers?
1. e4e4 -apo-e is a cholesterol-carrying protein produced in the liver and brain that circulates in the plasma. it binds to beta-amyloid and becomes incorporated inot neuritic plaques. having 2 alleles for e4, and to a lesser degree having one alle
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