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Life science is the sum of all potato chips rolled into a barrel of jalapeno and topped off with the laugh of a mad man. On a serious note, life science was created by men when they found out that some problems cannot be resolved by booze. The human body! Planets! Any of these ring a bell? No, well how about naming the father of Organic chemistry? Or, which is the smallest bone in our body?
Life science is about all of these things. In short, life science answers those questions that each and every one of us ask ourselves sometimes, while doing the laundry or taking out the trash. You can learn the correct answers to these questions and expand your knowledge with our fun and engaging quizzes!
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-In the quiz.all questions are regarded from life science.which were questioned in most of the competitve exam-Each question will give with one right ans (or) all options are sutes to the question-Try to do completely-All the best

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    Who is the father of Organic chemistry

SCI06 Life Science Test 1

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    Which of the follow is considered nonliving?

What we have here are some life science interesting questions! The questions are designed to not only test out what you know about living organisms but how they survive in their environments, their genetic makeup and organs too....

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  • Sample Question
    Which scientist first "thought" there were only two classifications for all organisms, which were only plants and animals?

This is the pre-test for Latin terminology

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  • Sample Question
    Bio =

Let's have some fun! To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, OriGene wants to test your life science knowledge! We have created a quiz for you. If you answer all questions correctly, you will automatically enter to win an OriGene...

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  • Sample Question
    In what year is OriGene Technologies founded as a research tool company?

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Life Science Questions & Answers

Which of the following statements about cells is true?
Cells are the basic units of the body. There are millions of them in each person’s body. They are also found in animals and plants. Each cell is made up of certain parts and these parts contribute to the cell’s overall function by doing o
Which of the following are characteristics of living things?
The ability to grow and develop The ability to reproduce Using energy Respond to surroundings