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Spiritual enlightenment can mean many different things, but it is a term most often used in Eastern religions such as Buddhism. Did you know that the idea comes from terms that mean “insight” and “awakening”? Did you know that the ultimate enlightenment is the reaching of Nirvana, a state of peace where there is no more rebirth?

Did you know that the Buddha reached enlightenment while sitting under a tree? According to tradition, he gained three insights - knowledge of his past lives, understanding of karma and reincarnation, and discovery of the Four Noble Truths. If you knew all of those answers, then maybe these questions are too easy for you. Check out some of our quizzes for a bigger challenge!

Enlightenment Questions & Answers

Who was Maria Theresa?
This woman helped to promoted educational reforms in her country of Austria.
What is absolutism?
1. This term referred to the complete control that the European kings and queens had over their countries during the 15th-18th C.
Which of these is an idea created by John Locke?
No man should ever be denied their rights to life, liberty and property