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Some people use the word 'dumb' as if it's an insult, but we say hey - embrace the dumb within you! Some of the funniest moments in life, on television, and on the big screens have come when people have been acting dumb. Who wants to spend their whole life being dull and serious? Want to know one great way to let the dumb fun inside of you come out? All you have to do is play at our dumb quizzes.

Who co-starred in the smash hit comedy Dumb And Dumber? Which seminal rock group recorded the track 'Dumb'? Which US generals last words, as he surveyed the opposing army, were 'Don't worry; they couldn't hit an elephant at this ___'? That sure was a dumb mistake, so why don't you take the smart choice and try one of our quizzes today?

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