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  • What is the difference between Naïve and Innocent?
    What is the difference between Naïve and Innocent?
    "Being innocent" is used for someone who has not been corrupted by any evil or malice. It means that the person does not genuinely know that some things exist in this world. Naive is the term that is used to describe someone who lacks experience in doing things that may be considered evil and corrupted. There are some people who say that naive is the term that they use to describe someone who chooses to look the other way when something wrong is being done. Both of these terms are used to describe a person or even another living thing that lacks the capacity to cause any harm to another living thing.

  • Why might this be? Faulkner only mentions a few of the players in this article, which was written for Sports Illustrated.
    Why might this be? Faulkner only mentions a few of the players in this article, which was written for Sports Illustrated.
    All of the above.

  • How would you rule if you presided over this man's case?
    How would you rule if you presided over this man's case?
    Not GuiltyThe above is Cameron Todd Willingham. In 1991, Willingham was convicted of starting the fire that killed his three children. Willingham was executed by the state of Texas in 2004. The prosecution used bizarre evidence to prove to the jury that Willingham was a sociopath, including stating that his tattoo of a skull and snake was fit the profile of a sociopath, and that his Led Zeppelin poster was an indicator of occult activities. Since then, there have been multiple investigations into the evidence presented against Willingham...including an investigation by Gerald Hurst, a chemist known for his work investigating various arson crimes. Hurst stated that there was nothing to suggest Willingham started the fire that killed his children, and the innocence project has Willingham featured on their website as an innocent man that was wrongfully put to death.

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