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  • Hola girls!!! This is my first quiz so please take it easy on me :) Whats your favourite colour out of these choices? 

  • *Phew* Now that we got that out of the way...If you were givin a new pair of shoes by your bff what would you want them to be? (Pick closest answer) 

  • So your crush asked you on a date (you go girl!)Where would you want it to be?

  • What would you pick for lunch?
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  • What is your favorite pet?
    Gorgeous question from

  • Which retro dance party would you go to?
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  • How long have the girls been dead?
    Gorgeous question from

  • What are the dead girls names?
    Gorgeous question from

  • How did the girls die?
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  • Do you like P.E?

  • What would you wear at home?

  • Its the hottest, party in town and you got invited, what do you do?

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