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Are you as clever or as clumsy as a dog? Can you think your way out of a puzzle or are you always between a rock and a hard place? Most people think of clever as being skillful, intelligent, original, and resourceful.

In entertainment, especially comedy, cleverness is a highly sought after virtue. In the job market, employers seek out clever individuals who can learn quickly, think “outside the box”, and find new ways to solve old problems. Whether you’re a clever person or not, we’ve developed the perfect quiz to help determine your cleverness level. Are you clever enough to make it through? Check it out now!

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  • What word do you need to use to introduce the subordinate clause properly?

  • The sentence should be in the subjunctive mood. What word/s do you need to use?

  • Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?

  • There are 25 apples on a tree. How many apples do you have if you take all of them.
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  • If you have 1 double quarter pounder, how much meat do you have?
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  • Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?
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  • how many islands is japan made of?

  • in the play romeo and juliet who spoke first?