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Evil is a small word but a powerful phenomenon. Are people born with evil personality types, or do they develop them because of their environment? That's a question that philosophers and criminologists still debate, but there's no question of the impact that evil people have had on the world that we live in. Do you find the study of evil, and how it's defined and perceived in different cultures, fascinating? If so, you'll just love our evil quizzes.

Which religion teaches that evil and good are both traits that must be overcome by Sunyata? In which language is the word known as euvel? Who defined evil as something that hinders us from possessing something good? Be an angel, and take our quizzes today.

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  • When having an operation, who are you taking along?

  • What would you rather be involved in?

  • What's your description of a best friend?

  • Now that you are an evil overlord, how will you command your minions?

  • Now what kind of army do you want? Surely your minions must be organized or it will be chaos!

  • Now you require a headquarters or lair to plan your moves.. where would it be?

  • Ever shivered at the slightest crash of glass, it means that you are always -----------------
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  • When you seem to lose it over every slight provocation, it means that you are -------------------
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  • Ever been in a situation close to the image , it means that you are exhibiting ---------------------
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  • You see an elderly person who has fallen on the floor, what should you do?
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  • You see a homeless person begging for money, with a broken arm and a baby in his arms. What should you do?
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  • You are at Publix and you see a kid crying because they can not find their mom. What should you do?
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