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  • What is the difference between Liberalism and Neo-liberalism – Understanding liberalism: You might be more (or less) liberal than you think?
    What is the difference between Liberalism and Neo-liberalism – Understanding liberalism: You might be more (or less) liberal than you think?
    Today, many people can be classified into liberalism and traditional. Liberalism is the way of believing and thinking that is more modern. Liberals try to show those people who are poor and struggling with a way of living that will be helpful to them and promising. The prefix “neo” means “new.” Liberalism has been around for a long period of time and neoliberalism has only been around for about twenty-five years. Liberalism has to do with politics mainly. Neo-Liberalism was created in order to deal with the economies and help increase trade among the countries. Since liberalism pertains to different aspects of a culture, neoliberalism only affects the economy. Once people understand liberalism, then they can further understand their own beliefs.

  • What words now best describes you?
    What words now best describes you?
    1. independent-2. starting to feel in “love”-3. anxious on what other thinks of me-if you answer:a. you feel as if you are already an adult and you act like one. you decide for yourself but sometime you still feel like being a child again. your parents worry whenever you do something independenly because they dont want you to be in danger. these things are just normal in puberty. b. the rush of chemicals and hormones in your body makes you feel so attracted to the opposite sex. c. you feel as if you are inferior to others. people make comments about other peoples appearance and you are scared to also be criticized by them. just remember that they are also feeling this way and dont be so take their comments personally. try to talk to other people about this to help you prevent developing inferior complex.

  • What is the ideal love relationship for you?
    What is the ideal love relationship for you?
    1. love has two phases: eros and agape. eros refers to the physical attraction to a certain person while agape refers to the internal change from being selfish to a selfless one. -2. love could start off with teasing (tuksuhan) where common friends will try to pair two couples, which is sometimes embarrassing. courtship is investable if one likes the other person. courtship is usually very subtle.-3. it is a phenomena induced by estrogen and testosterone. when in love, chemicals are released by the brain to make us happy and make our heartbeat faster.-if you answer:a. you share the same point of view with the catholic church. according to deus caritas est, love has two phase. it will simply start as a physical attraction towards a person. but soon enough youll extend your ego boundary by doing favors for that special person. change is investable in love towards being more of real and complete person (xvi, 2005). b. you share the same point of view with the filipino culture. with a typical view on women as shy and conservative, usually men should make their first move. guys will usually try first o befriend the girls friends in order to test the waters. the guy will usually try to go out with the barkada of the girl and soon enough the couples will try to go out together alone (love, courtship in filipino culture, 2002). c. you share the same point of view with our scientific buddies. they would associate physical attraction cause by our hormones (estrogen and testosterone). they would associate happiness to dopamine and phenylethylamine while neropinephrine to the excitement and fast beating of the heart.

  • Whenever hear the word sex what comes in your mind?
    Whenever hear the word sex what comes in your mind?
    1. sex is sacred. sex is the highest form of expression of love, which should lead to procreation. sex should only be consummated old during after marriage-2. sex is about pleasure and relieving stress of couples. above this, sex is needed to have not only a healthy relationship but a healthy body.-if you answer:a. you go with the current flow of filipino culture. filipino culture is highly influence by the catholic church with regards to the view of sex. both scorns people who engage in premarital sex, use of contraceptives and even as much as hugging and kissingb. you go with the scientific world view of sex. a recent study shows that sex can actually help you prevent aging. sex pumps oxygen around the body, boosting the circulation and the flow of nutrients to the skin. more than this, sex is a good exercise for the body. love making burns certain amount of calories. to top it all up, certain chemicals are released that can releve stress and pain, as well as making for better relationships.

  • What do you think is the best way for you to prevent procreation (conceiving a child)?
    What do you think is the best way for you to prevent procreation (conceiving a child)?
    1. using condoms-if you answer: a. condoms can not only prevent procreation but also prevent sexually transmitted disease such as aids, syphilis and gonorrhea. it has no real disadvantage aside from slight interruption of sex to put on the condoms. it can prevent procreation with a 98.1% success rate, the highest of all forms of contraception. b. birth control pills has 92% success rate. more than this using birth control pills can be very advantageous. for one, one can control menstrual cycles and it can prevent acne from growing. in addition to this, it can reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. but there are also downsides like weight gain, increase blood pressure and can sometimes cause irregular menstrual bleeding. c. natural family planning can yield into 78 to 85% success rate. natural family planning is tracking down the ovulation of the woman and having sex during the time of infertility. this kind of contraception is what the church allows because it is natural and no drugs and devise are used to prevent procreation.

  • Are you slowly noticing hair growing in different parts of your body and tiny bulges growing in growing your face called acne?
    Are you slowly noticing hair growing in different parts of your body and tiny bulges growing in growing your face called acne?
    1. yes-dont feel shame if ever you start noticing these. everyone undergoes puberty. testicles for guys will enlarge while the breast of the girls will start to bud. all this happens because the hypothalamus of your brain sends signal to release testosterone and estrogen for male and female respectively. the thing you should be conscious of is your hygiene and how to prevent acne. here are some tips:for hygiene (dowshen, 2007)1. put on some deodorant to prevent body odor2. take a bath at least once a day to prevent oily hair3. brush teeth twice a day4. wear clean clothesfor avoiding acne (tips for preventing acne at any age, 2009)1. dont squeeze acnes2. wash pillowcase as often as possible3. pull hair away from skin4. dont go to bed wearing make-up

  • Do you worry about how you perform?
    Do you worry about how you perform?
    1. yes-2. no-yes it is perfectly normal to wonder whether you performance is able satisfy youre performance. men, in particular, are afraid that they wont be able to satisfy their partners needs. in most cases, youre partner is just as equally paranoid about whether they are able to pleasure you or not. just relax and enjoy sex. no well then, good! you are confident and youve got your groove on in bed. be sure, however, to make your partner feel that they are performing well too. provide good feedback and they will reciprocate better, leading to more enjoyable sex.

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