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With the uncovering of parasitic Aliens on an expedition, the world finds it has two extraterrestrial beings to deal with when the predators arrive. Do you think that you can be an alien or a predator? Take up the test and...

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    You want to go out for the night, you wear:

This is an assesment of what you have learned in this presentation. There are 10 Questions. You will have 10 minutes to compete the quiz.

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    What is the most likely reason predators are attracted to the internet?

How much do you really know about alien vs predator?Find out by taking my quiz!

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    What is another name for an alien?

This quiz is to determine whether you are a Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Crocodile, Eagle etc. There will be 10 questions and at the end of the quiz the answer will be given to you.  

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    Which of these would you most like to be? (answer truthfully or this quiz won't work)would you like to be:

Can you tell which of the following is a child predator? The answers may surprise you.

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Predator Questions & Answers

Their is only 5 predator ranks.
There are more than we can count
The Springer et al. (2003) study of the effects of killer whales on other marine mammals in the North Pacific
Is based on sequential declines in megafauna in the North Pacific Assumes that great whales were an important prey resource for killer whales in the North Pacific in the early 20th Century Hypothesises that killer whales diet shifted from great whale