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A comprehensive database of more than 24 truth quizzes online, test your knowledge with truth quiz questions. Our online truth trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top truth quizzes.

It is the right thing to say every time so you can’t go wrong from the moral point of view. But people sometimes have difficulties in accepting it and that is why many choose to bend it, in order to avoid problems. Truth is a notion that has been widely discussed throughout history. Our truth quizzes will bring you everything there is to know about truth in general and even more.

We have all sorts of questions like: The English word “truth” is derived from which language? What theory suggests that truth is constructed by social processes and that it is historically and culturally specific? What theory suggests that holds that truth is whatever is agreed upon? Do you swear to speak the truth? You may start the truth quizzes.

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  • Do you think we have a trustworthy relationship?

  • How often do you meet my father?

  • Are you always trustworthy?

  • Find whats fake!
    Truth question from

  • Find whats fake!
    Truth question from

  • Find whats fake!
    Truth question from

  • Who is represented by the image of the beast in Revelation 14:9?

  • What are two characteristics of God’s people at the end of time according to Revelation 14:12?

  • What event in heaven will mark the close of probation on earth?

  • We are on a double date...we went to...?

  • Favorite movie? What one would you watch with me?

  • I ask Do I look okay? You say...