Do You Lie A Lot?

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Do You Lie A Lot? - Quiz


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liar liar liar

you lie alot and you can sometimes get in to trobble for it try telling the truth your friends and family will trust you more and be happy that your honest with them

white lies

you tell lies to make people feel better i.e you tell your friend thier ex was a dork because they broke up and your friends hart is broken (even when they arnt acherly a dork)but some times you lie to get your self out of trobble
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You get in to trobble at school/work do you
    • A. 

      Lie and say someone you dont like did it

    • B. 

      Your sorry and wont do it again

    • C. 

      You lie and say it was an accident

  • 2. 
    Your gf/bf thinks you kissed another guy/girl (and you did)you say
    • A. 

      I was temted but i didnt tsave his feelings

    • B. 

      How dear you accuse me of that i didnt

    • C. 

      Yes i did but im sorry and explain how it happend

  • 3. 
    Would you lie for your friend if they did somthing stupid and got in trobble
    • A. 

      Yes of course i would

    • B. 

      No it would be wrong thier fult for doing it

    • C. 

      Yes because i caused it

  • 4. 
    You are acused of somthing you didnt do and got in trobble for it but it was pure genius and although your in troble for it you are happy that people think your realy clever
    • A. 

      Yes i did it and im sorry but dosnt it show im realy clever

    • B. 

      No i didnt do it but i am an genius

    • C. 

      !!!!!! I DIDNT DO IT!!!!!!

  • 5. 
    Did u like the quiz
    • A. 

      No it was rubbish (lie)

    • B. 

      I loved it (lie)

    • C. 

      I loved it (truth)

    • D. 

      No it was rubbish (truth)

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