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This one is one of the basic nutrition functions of the human organism. It is the process that ensures foods are broke down into smaller components that can be later absorbed by your own body. But how much more do you really know when it comes to digestion? Enough to answer our entire trivia maybe? We have all these kinds of questions and we think you should take a look at them.

Here are just a couple: Based on how food is broken down, digestion is usually divided into how many processes? How much time does the mass of food usually take to turn into chime in the human stomach? 95% of all nutrients are absorbed where? Answer all of them and find out everything about digestion.

Digestive System

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    Which of the following best describes the chewing of food?

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     Which of the following is an energy-rich carbohydrate stored in large quantities in liver?

Quiz Description

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    What is the primary function of the large intestine?  

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    They are the main source of energy for the body

Digestion test

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Digestion Questions & Answers

How is a paralytic ileus caused?
The cause of paralytic ileus is stopping of movement food from the stomach calledperistalsis
What is the main function of the large intestine?
Functions are to reabsorbed water and nutrients from digestive waste, and to get rid of waste... Not sure about this, think its excretion.
Which hole will be surrounded by the largest brown region in the iodine test after 30 minutes? A dish is filled with agar jelly containing starch. Four holes are cut in the jelly and each hole is...
Hole D is the answer to this question. Hole D comes with Amylase and this is a type of enzyme that is in charge of exchanging the starch that we get from food into sugar. This type of substance can already be found in saliva which means that the mome
Which tubes could draw conclusions about the effect of boiling on the activity of lipase? Four test tubes are setup as shown below to investigate the effect of bile salts and the effect of boiling...
Bile salts or otherwise known as bile acid are located in mammals. They are found in their bile. There are two types of these bile acids. They are called the primary bile acids and the secondary bile acids. The bile salts come from the production of