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Almost 80% of re-current buying decisions today are made in consideration of our stomach. There are billion dollars industries built on the needs of this organ. It can actually dictate our schedule, and it can impose on our life whenever it feels like it. But who is this tyrant, and how can we learn to understand it in order to better dispose of it in a healthy manner? Firstly, we need to understand it by considering questions such as:

“How early before going to sleep must the last meal be taken?”, “What causes thickening of the stomach lining?” “What are the three major motor functions of the stomach?” and “How long does food stay in the stomach before moving into the small intestine?” Take these quizzes and get to know your stomach for a healthier and better life!
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    A patient was diagnosed with bleeding ulcer of the lesser curvature of the stomach. Which artery is most likely involved?

Acupoints 1 quiz on stomach 19-40.

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Here ya go!  Hope this helps ya study the stomach.

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    Which part of the stomach projects upward, above the GE junction, dome-shaped area is in contact is in contact above with the left hemidiaphragm and to the left with the spleen?

The stomach received food from the esophagus and digest food where as the duodenum is charged with chemical digestion of partially digested food before it is absorbed by the small intestine. In the lecture today we got to cover...

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    What are the four layers of the GI Tract, superficial to deep?

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Stomach Questions & Answers

Which is a derivative of the dorsal mesogastrium?
1. greater momentum-during the development of the gut, there are two mesogastria attaching to the developing stomach: the dorsal mesogastrium and the ventral mesogastrium. different organs begin to develop in each mesogastrium-the spleen and pancreas
What is the difference between the Flu and Stomach Bug?
The flu is different from the stomach bug in the sense that the flu may affect the respiratory system of the body while the stomach bug will affect the digestive system. The virus that causes these two different conditions are different from each oth
What causes stomach to make weird noises?
Partial digestion is the leading cause of excessive noises in the stomach. Fiber-rich foods like beans and cabbage produce more gas and lead to noises. The gas gets trapped in food and when stomach muscle contracts the gas moves around and creates lo
What are the main functions of stomach?
The primary function of the stomach is to digest food partly so that it can move to the small intestine. The stomach breaks down food by secreting stomach acid and enzymes to digest food and churn the food by the contraction of the stomach muscles. W
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