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Do you think you have it all to digest our challenging quiz questions? Well, if you have a sturdy abdominal wall to sustain your knowledge you should be able to sail through! If you think you are well acquainted with the importance of an abdominal wall in the human body, take a plunge at our abdominal wall quizzes!

In human anatomy, abdominal wall simply refers to the boundary of the abdominal cavity, but did you know that the inner abdominal wall secretes approximately 2 liters of hydrochloric acid everyday to help in digestion and kill bacteria? Or that extraordinary straining during urination or bowel movement can actually cause a tear in the abdominal wall muscles? We can bet you are amazed by these facts and left wanting for more! Get ready to embark on an educational journey by hovering through mind-boggling questions on the structure, functions and hernias of the abdominal wall. 
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    The superior and inferior epigastric arteries lie directly beneath which structure?

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    Apronlike fold of peritoneum that hangs from the greater curvature of the stomach.

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    Above the arcuate line, the internal oblique wraps anterior to the rectus muscles.

We have just had a lecture on the Abdominal Wall & Inguinal Canal today by a very well trained medical practitioner. Did you understand the lecture clearly? As discussed the quiz below is to test how much you understood...

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    A patient present to your ER with a knife wound in the 6-pack region above the arcurate line. Which of the following shows the order or layers the knife would have penetrated?

The abdominal wall has four main muscles, which were covered entirely in the previous class. Test your knowledge of these muscles by taking up the questions below and answering as quickly as possible. All the best as we...

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    Pectin pubis is the same as the pectineal line or the line of the pubic ramus. 

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Abdominal Wall Questions & Answers

What will be the last layer he cuts through before reaching the transversalis fascia If a surgeon is performing a left paramedian incision below the arcuate line?
Rectus abdominisWhen performing an incision near the midline, you will not encounter any of the lateral wall muscles including the external oblique, internal oblique and transversus abdominis. Therefore, answers E, F and G are incorrect. Now, since t
What is the posterior border of the canal that this hernia passes through if a patient arrives at your clinical with a protruding mass from his superficial inguinal ring and he is diagnosed with an...
Fascia transversalisThe posterior border throughout the inguinal canal is formed by the transversalis fascia, which is reinforced medially by the conjoint tendon (transversalis abdominis + internal oblique).